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The 2020 Verdict For Perikatan Nasional – Double Standards!

The 2020 Verdict For The Performance Of The Unelected Perikatan Nasional (PN) Government – Double Standards In The Enforcement Of Laws Between The Powerful Ministers And The Rakyat!

Khairuddin’s trip to Turkey during Covid-19 lockdown was one of many double-standard incidents by Perikatan Nasional

The 2020 verdict for the performance of the unelected PN government is double-standards in the enforcement of laws between the powerful Ministers and the rakyat. The PN government began their tenure by practicing double-standards in the infamous case of PAS Minister Mohd Khairuddin bin Aman Razali.

Khairuddin was given a sweetheart deal of a RM1,000 compound fine for violating the COVID-19 home quarantine for 14 days, after returning from a private trip in Turkey. In contrast, a 72-year old Malay lady was charged in court and fined RM8,000 and a day’s jail, for also breaching quarantine and COVID-19 health protocols.

Up to now the government cannot explain why a Minister is not charged in court like the 72-year old ordinary woman? Such selective enforcement of the laws by the enforcement agencies, have even led to Ministers not being investigated or charged for corrupt practices and recommending their own children to be appointed as directors of GLCs, in comparison to action taken against ordinary civil servants.

PN has ended 2020 with another case of double-standards following the minor accident with a pothole in Banting involving UMNO Minister Khairy Jamaluddin. JKR promptly repaired the pothole and apologized to the Minister. This has nothing to do with Khairy and we wish him early recovery from his minor injuries.

The issue is double-standards by JKR which apologized and acted immediately to repair the pothole when a Minister is involved but does not give a damn at all when the injured party is an ordinary rakyat. This has invited public anger at the heartlessness of JKR, particularly when they pledged to implement a zero pothole policy in 2016 under then Minister Fadillah Yusof.

“Let’s pray for a Minister to pass by here”. Netizens mocked JKR’s fast action in repairing the infamous pothole which caused Khairy Jamaluddin to fall in a ditch.

Why is there no similar attitude when so many ordinary rakyat have died or suffered serious injuries as a result of JKR’s failure to repair potholes? Since Fadillah has returned again as Works Minister now, he has clearly failed to fulfil his duty and deliver on the zero pothole pledge.

Fadillah’s failure to take responsibility for the double-standards by JKR is regrettable and only highlights that PN Ministers are more interested in politicking to retain their positions and completely incapable of good delivery to the rakyat. The rakyat has lost hope with a PN government that practices double-standards and willingly sacrifices public interest for political survival, where PN has a slim 3-seat parliamentary majority.

Lim Guan Eng

Secretary General of DAP

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