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Stand up and be counted – Tunku Aziz

1 November, 2011
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UMNO wanted to draft him when he came back from university, but Tunku Abdul Aziz preferred to assert his independence. He spent decades building a reputation as a campaigner for transparency and good governance, notably through his work with Transparency International and the United Nations. The writer and current DAP ... Full Article →

BN leaders Question Penang’s Open Tender System

9 September, 2011
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  Penang MCA Women Wing chief Tan Cheng Liang open questioning of why the Penang state Irrigation and Drainage Department’s projects were not awarded to Chinese contractors came under fire from Komtar ADUN Ng Wei Aik. “BN leaders are constantly harping on racial sentiments, with UMNO accusing the Penang PR ... Full Article →

Congratulations, Tunku!

8 September, 2011
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The DAP shares the joy and honour of its National Vice Chairman, Senator Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim, who has recently been conferred Degree of Doctor of Laws (honoris causa) by his Alma Mater, The University of Tasmania, Australia. The ceremony was held on 12 August in Hobart. Australia. The ... Full Article →

UMNO’s Muhyiddin possesses neither class nor standard!

3 August, 2011
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by Lim Kit Siang Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is shaping up to be the worst Deputy Prime Minister and UMNO Deputy President in history. I would not yet say that he is destined to be the nation’s worst Education Minister although he is undoubtedly leading the pack in a more ... Full Article →

Sim Tong Him : We need to go back to the basics

3 August, 2011
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In this (May) edition, the Rocket spoke to Kota Melaka Member of Parliament Sim Tong Him and heard his thoughts and views on Melaka issues, Pakatan Rakyat’s appeal and the challenges confronting DAP. Tell us about yourself, please. I was born in Melaka. I came from a big family of ... Full Article →

Now every crook can fight corruption

3 August, 2011
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by Tunku Abdul Aziz In late 2006 as I was completing my term of office as a Special Advisor to the Secretary-General of the United Nations in New York, I received an unexpected invitation to deliver a speech at an anti-corruption conference in Jerusalem, Israel. It was an important gathering ... Full Article →

Zairil Khir Johari: “We need a new system”

5 April, 2011
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The 2008 elections cut through the fear and apathy that trapped many of Malaysia’s youth, invigorating them to stand up and be counted for the future of their country. One such young man bears a powerful legacy of putting Malaysia first and has entered the challenging world of opposition politics ... Full Article →

From Malaysian Malaysia to Malaysian First -by Wan Hamidi Hamid

2 March, 2011
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  The DAP is irrevocably committed to the ideal of a free, democratic and socialist Malaysia, based on the principles of racial equality, and social and economic justice, and founded on the institutions of parliamentary democracy. We believe that it is possible to mobilise the support of the big majority ... Full Article →

Goh Leong San: Making Inroads in Melaka

8 December, 2010
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The Rocket took a tour down to the historic city of Melaka to get to know the state DAP chairman and state assemblyman for Kesidang, Goh Leong San. He shared his views on the key issues facing Melaka, the prospects of Pakatan Rakyat in the state and the future of ... Full Article →

Leong Ngah Ngah: A Pahang Boy Through & Through

3 November, 2010
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In October, The Rocket took a tour to the state known as the ‘abode of prosperity’, Pahang, and caught up with state DAP Chairman and State Assemblyman for Triang, Leong Nga Nga who shared his thoughts regarding the progress of DAP, Pahang and Pakatan Rakyat. Full name: Leong Ngah Ngah ... Full Article →
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The evolution of political Islam in Malaysia

27 September, 2015 0 Comments

On Political realignment, Part 2 BY Liew Chin Tong, DAP Political Education Director and Kluang MP   I would divide the evolution of political Islam in Malaysia into three stages: Islamic revival/resurgent which culminated in changes in UMNO and PAS in 1982, the emergence of PAS’ progressive faction in 1998, ... Full Article →

Nurul Nuha: The face behind #KitaLawan

8 April, 2015 0 Comments

There is something about Nurul Nuha Anwar that seems familiar, the first time you meet her. You cannot really put your finger on it, but it is as if you have met her before, or have known her for absolutely ages. Which is unlikely to be so, since Nuha, who ... Full Article →

Penang launches campaign to combat violence against women

19 November, 2014 3 Comments

The Penang State Government has launched a historic three-week state-wide campaign against Violence Against Women (VAW) to raise awareness about preventing violence against women and girls. This is the first state-sponsored event of its kind organised by the Penang State Executive Council for Women, Family and Community Development, and the Penang ... Full Article →

Who’s afraid of the big, bad Sedition Act?

5 May, 2015 0 Comments

By Pauline Wong The recently passed amendments to the Sedition Act and the newly-minted Prevention of Terrorism Act have been divisive, to say the least. Opinions on these two Acts have been completely on opposite ends, with on side saying it is necessary to protect public peace and order, and ... Full Article →