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The three passions of Fan Yew Teng

5 July, 2012

This speech was given at the book launch of ‘The Sweet Rebel: Remembering Fan Yew Teng’ on 2nd July 2012 at KL Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. by Ambiga Sreenevasan By all accounts when God made Fan Yew Teng (or Uncle Fan), he broke the mould. I did not have the ... Full Article →

Fan Yew Teng, a towering Malaysian

7 January, 2011
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By Lim Guan Eng [THE ROCKET]Salam sejahtera buat para hadirin sekelian, Pada malam ini kita berada di sini sebagai satu tanda penghormatan yang amat besar buat pemimpin yang kita hormati Saudara Fan Yew Teng yang telah meninggalkan kita buat selama-lamanya. Sama ada kita dari golongan muda atau tua, amat penting ... Full Article →

Portrait of my father, Fan Yew Teng

3 January, 2011
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By Pauline Fan [THE ROCKET] It has not been easy to bid farewell to my father, a man who touched so many not just by his tenacious commitment to social justice and through his incisive political writings, but also through his warm, radiant, playful personality. Papa was a wellspring of ... Full Article →

Fan Yew Teng – a Patriot and Humanist

3 January, 2011
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By Lim Kit Siang [THE ROCKET] All who know Saudara Fan Yew Teng grieve at his passing in Bangkok on December 7, 2010, losing his personal battle to cancer. As I alluded when Parliament observed one-minute’s silence as respect to Fan and condolence to the bereaved family, his wife Dr ... Full Article →

Farewell, Fan Yew Teng

3 January, 2011
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By Liew Chin Tong DAP MP for Bukit Bendera [THE ROCKET] Fan Yew Teng possessed a martyr’s unfailing idealism which allowed him to remain ever-smiling in the face of a political fate which most others would regard as troubling. He left behind great intellectual food for thought for all of ... Full Article →

A fighter for the weak and oppressed

3 January, 2011
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By Teresa Kok MP for Seputeh and ADUN for Kinrara [THE ROCKET] I have known Fan Yew Teng since the early 1990s when I entered politics and became more involved in social issues. I remember him as someone who is incredibly passionate about human rights and justice issues. In the ... Full Article →

Fan Yew Teng the Legend

3 January, 2011
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By M. Kula Segaran DAP Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat [THE ROCKET] I was shocked and sad to learn of Saudara Fan Yew Teng’s death in Bangkok. I had known Fan for over a decade. I first heard about this great legend in 1974 when he defeated People’s ... Full Article →

Funeral fit for a king

3 January, 2011
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By Dr Chen Man Hin DAP life advisor [THE ROCKET] On December 16, 2010, about 10 DAP members attended Fan Yew Teng’s funeral, which was held at the Church of the Redeemer in Bangkok.  Sdr  Lim Kit Siang, Sdr Fong Kui Lun, Sdr Lee Kow and Dr Chen represented the ... Full Article →
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The evolution of political Islam in Malaysia

27 September, 2015 0 Comments

On Political realignment, Part 2 BY Liew Chin Tong, DAP Political Education Director and Kluang MP   I would divide the evolution of political Islam in Malaysia into three stages: Islamic revival/resurgent which culminated in changes in UMNO and PAS in 1982, the emergence of PAS’ progressive faction in 1998, ... Full Article →

Nurul Nuha: The face behind #KitaLawan

8 April, 2015 0 Comments

There is something about Nurul Nuha Anwar that seems familiar, the first time you meet her. You cannot really put your finger on it, but it is as if you have met her before, or have known her for absolutely ages. Which is unlikely to be so, since Nuha, who ... Full Article →

Penang launches campaign to combat violence against women

19 November, 2014 3 Comments

The Penang State Government has launched a historic three-week state-wide campaign against Violence Against Women (VAW) to raise awareness about preventing violence against women and girls. This is the first state-sponsored event of its kind organised by the Penang State Executive Council for Women, Family and Community Development, and the Penang ... Full Article →

Who’s afraid of the big, bad Sedition Act?

5 May, 2015 0 Comments

By Pauline Wong The recently passed amendments to the Sedition Act and the newly-minted Prevention of Terrorism Act have been divisive, to say the least. Opinions on these two Acts have been completely on opposite ends, with on side saying it is necessary to protect public peace and order, and ... Full Article →