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Stop treating politicians like they are above the law.

The global Covid-19 pandemic affects everyone regardless of race, religion or creed. It is the common enemy of all political parties despite our political differences.

Last week’s spike in Covid-19 cases in Kuching affected us tremendously, especially the people within Kota Sentosa. As such, it is important for everyone to play their part to curb the spread of this deadly and infectious disease.

It is absolutely vital that we all observe physical distancing and the SOPs in which have been set by the authorities. Although it is now mandatory to wear face masks in public places, it is deeply regretted that many people are still not adhering to this strict requirements.

The blatant selective prosecution against wrongdoers by the authorities is counter productive in this fight against Covid-19.

It encourages some people to think that they may be able to get out of the situation with no repercussions and therefore they do not take the wearing of face masks seriously.

Wan Ahmad Fayshsal, the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports had been caught gathering in public without a face mask. Azmin Ali, the Senior Minister for Economy and Minister of International Trade and Industry was also seen mingling with participants in a massive event without his face mask.

Are all these politicians and VIPs immune from the brute force of the law which is applicable to ordinary citizens?

Just a few days ago, a student was fined RM1,000.00 for allegedly pulling down his face mask for a short period when he felt uneasy. This created a huge uproar because the authorities seem to be exceptionally slow (or even fail on most occasions) to act against politicians and VIPs who were seen breaching SOPs.

Michael Kong believes that politicians should not be treated any differently.

The Federal Government should direct all civil servants to carry out their duty without fear or favour. Like how the Ministry of Health immediately issued a compound to Hishammuddin Hussein after he was caught vaping in the parliament, the police ought to do the same should pictures or videos of such blatant disregard of the law be circulated.

Michael Kong Feng Nian
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen

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