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Sole pro Pakatan leader in PAS resigns

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The sole progressive PAS leader elected into leadership has resigned from the party with immediate effect.

Central committee member Mazlan Aliman, who also heads the non-governmental organisation ANAK (which represents Felda settlers), said his resignation was spurred by the overwhelming number of the conservatives at the party’s leadership.

“I admit that the resignation had to do more or less with the losses faced by my (progressive) friends (at the party elections) which hurt deeply.”

“It is a black mark throughout my 30-year involvement in the party,” he said at the press conference at the PAS party headquarters today.

According to the former PAS Youth Chief, he intends to focus on ANAK, a movement founded by him.
Despite the resignation, Mazlan remains a PAS member.

During the recent PAS elections (2015-2017) held last week, Mazlan acquired 593 votes and was ranked 14th out of 18 positions.

Mazlan said that he feels affected by the crisis faced by the Islamic party; one that is challenging, which requires great patience.

He added that despite his continued commitment to ANAK, PAS’s internal strife has been a significant burden on him.

“If there are allegations that the latest elections were predetermined using a ‘cai’ (list), it would surely be embarrassing – that we are no longer leaders chosen based on work performance,” he said.

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