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Netizens fight back: #SiBodohKauDengarSini

Netizens have had enough! This newly trending hashtag #SiBodohKauDengarSini has taken the Twitterverse by storm, encapsulating the pent-up rage Malaysians have been feeling over the past year.

The origin story is simple. It all started with a tweet from @Farhanazan who shared his frustration about missing dinner twice, because of the strict food delivery timing being limited to 8 PM.

How it started

Even though he had ordered by 5 pm, he was not able to get his food presumably because there were too many orders at the same time. @Farhanazan had some choice words for Minister of Defence Ismail Sabri, who he felt didn’t need to worry about problems like this because he would likely have a maid who would prepare his dinner when he gets home.

But some Malaysians shot back, claiming people like @Farhanazan complained about everything, and that he should have just ordered earlier to avoid the problem. No worries, netizens had @Farhanazan’s back. One in particular, who began her tweet with “si bodoh, kau dengar sini”. And thus, a legendary hashtag was born.

Malaysians were inspired by this simple yet effective phrase and it spread like wildfire. Netizens used it to call out politicians and other aspects of the Movement Control Order they felt were not sensible.

Many used the hashtag to voice their disappointment with PM Muhyiddin Yassin’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.
While others took aim of reports that the Malaysian government were mulling harsher laws against the LGBTQ community.

Even politicians got into the thick of it, with the likes of Syed Saddiq, Mazlee Malik, and others joining the fray.

Social media has always been a powerful platform for voicing dissent and Twitter has been at the forefront of it. Last year we saw #NOTMYPM and #MuhyiddinOut trending repeatedly throughout the year.

Since PM Muhyiddin claims he is here to save Malaysia, he needs to actually start listening to the voices of the working class who are venting their frustrations on Twitter. The big question is, will he?

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