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“Khairuddin was in Turkey saving Malaysia?”
Teresa: Show us proof!

Abdul Azeez has come under fire from Seputeh MP Teresa Kok for making very large claims in parliament yesterday.

When speaking about the double standards in the law that has been observed by Perikatan Nasional towards the general public and politicians, naturally the issue of PAS’ Mohd Khairuddin’s trip to Turkey was brought up.

To recap, members of the public who have been suffering financially due to the pandemic have been hit with hefty fines for breaking SOP, while politicians like Mohd Khairuddin are getting off easy.

Those who have been caught breaking Covid-19 SOP have paid up to RM 12,000 while serving short prison sentences . Khairuddin on the other hand, was only made to pay RM 1,000 with no expected jail time.

While Khadirudin has been the target of scorn and mockery on social media for failing to quarantine after his trip to Turkey and potentially exposing thousands of Malaysians to the deadly virus, Abdul Azeez seemed to justify the actions of his colleague.

Azeez went so far as to say Khairuddin was actually saving Malaysia and that is the reason he needed to break SOP and make a trip to Turkey.

Teresa Kok wants Azeez to provide evidence that Khairuddin was indeed “Saving Malaysia” on his trip to Turkey

In a media statement released today, Teresa questioned the validity of the claim Azeez was making, poking holes in the value of investments that Khairuddin was supposedly bringing back to Malaysia.

“Does Azeez know the value of RM82 billion?? The total export revenue generated by commodities sector under the Ministry of Industry Plantations and Commodities (MPIC) in 2019 was RM114.2 billion, out of which palm oil sector contributes RM59 billion, rubber sector contributes RM28.1 billion.”

Teresa concluded her statement by challenging Azeez to document his claims, saying that she was ready to give her full support to Khairuddin becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia if he actually did these things.

“If Azeez can prove that Minister Khairuddin Aman Razali has brought in RM82 billion during his private trip to Turkey or during his five months tenure as cabinet minister, I would like to propose Khairuddin to be made the Prime Minister of Malaysia as his performance has outshined all other cabinet ministers, and even more outstanding than Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin” – Teresa Kok

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