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Press Statement
16th December 2021

Vote for a more holistic development for Sarawakians

Sarawakians’ purchasing power is diminishing. In the face of rising prices of essential goods and living costs, it is becoming more crucial for the eventual government to focus on bringing a more holistic development for Anak Sarawak.

Since the last 2016 state election, the DAP team on the ground had continued to serve the different needs of the people in Batu Kawah and the wider Kuching area. In these past weeks alone, we have heard their disgruntlement and anxieties regarding price hikes, low pay, lack of jobs and economic opportunities, Covid-19 mismanagement and flip-flop in suppressive SOPs as well as the uncertain future of their children.

In fact, the price hike issue must have touched a nerve that our billboard carrying that message was ordered to be taken down the day it was erected. GPS, as the caretaker government, clearly did not want such an issue to be discussed by the public.

Moving forward, physical development alone may not ensure the livelihood of residents in Batu Kawah and Sarawakians in general. Social development must go hand in hand to create a more resilient society and ensure that no one falls through the cracks of vulnerability.

To address these challenges, I have outlined the five main priorities of building up local economy and livelihoods, encouraging care economy, developing local talent, strengthening local community, and enhancing livability.

To address the increased cost of living in the short and medium term, we will look at setting up our community movers within Batu Kawah to act as Food Banks for those poor families struggling with their daily good needs as well as work with the private sector to provide food vouchers for those really in need. We will also promote greater emphasis on agriculture and promote “Farm to Table” initiatives to incentivise people to take full potential of their land for self-consumption and even to earn additional income for families.

In addition, I am committed to ensure religious harmony in Sarawak and prevent any attempts of importing extreme sentiments that can rip through the very fabric of our society. Underlying all this is DAP’s commitment to institutional reforms that will uphold good governance, safeguarding the interest of Sarawak and its people.

While there are sentiments on the ground probably spread by political opponents that all necessary developments, upgrades of drains, roads and basic facilities will not come if I as an opposition representative am elected, I want to encourage the people of Batu Kawah and the people as a whole, to not allow ourselves to be threatened or be blackmailed by the government as it is the responsibility of the government of the day to bring development regardless of who the people vote for as it is from public funds – paid through our taxes and also state resources that belong to all of us as Sarawakians.

That is why if given the opportunity, I will continue to fight for your rights as well and ensure better people-friendly policies to ensure development will directly benefit the people of Batu Kawah and Sarawak as a whole.

Good ideas, policies, and solutions will not only make a difference to the lives of Sarawakians in Batu Kawah, but also to their friends and families throughout the state.

Therefore, join us in our mission to bring Sarawak Forward as we push for a more holistic development for all Sarawakians, not only for the generations of today, but also for the many generations of tomorrow.

Dr. Kelvin Yii
DAP Batu Kawah Candidate

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