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Sanusi continues to offend the Hindu community.

Kedah Menteri Besar, Mohamad Sanusi is back in the headlines for his decision to not observe Thaipusam as a holiday this year in his state.

The Kedah MB has suggested that a public holiday was not necessary for devotees since traditional Thaipusam gatherings would be halted due to the MCO.

Sanusi’s tough stance on Thaipusam has been condemned by his political peers and opponents alike. Several parties, such as MIC, DAP, PKR and even Umno have chided Sanusi for his seemingly unreasonable behaviour.

“The latest action by the PN state government of Kedah in cancelling the Thaipusam public holiday has been criticized heavily by Hindus as a lack of respect for their religious sensitivities, there is a perceived pattern of marginalization here” – Secretary General of DAP, Lim Guan Eng
“We cannot go to the temple, but it is still a family affair as everyone will gather to pray. We need time to do this. Sanusi must understand that we are a multi-racial country. He is a leader for all, not just for one community.” – Kedah MIC chairman Datuk Dr S. Ananthan

This isn’t the first time that Sanusi has been in hot water with the Hindu community. Just last year, Sanusi was embroiled in controversy when he defended the demolition of several Hindu temples in Kedah which he claimed was built illegally.

Sanusi’s claim however was quickly debunked as others pointed out that many of these temples were indeed built legally during the colonial era, but was rendered illegal by subsequent land sales or transfers decades later.

The historical Sri Madurai Veeran temple which was built in the 1900s by railway workers was also demolished by the Kedah state.

While Sanusi’s latest stunt on Thaipusam and his unwillingness to repent will incite further anger within the Hindu community, he is also causing serious damage to Perikatan Nasional’s image.

According to MIC deputy president Saravanan, Sanusi is stirring up trouble for his own coalition with the insensitivity he’s shown in dealing with religious issues.

“I can vouch that MIC was never consulted on this. MIC would not have allowed for such a decision to be implemented. The move will also hurt the ruling coalition at the general election as this wound will be hard to heal,” stated Saravanan.

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