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Red paint attack on DAP Kluang Community Center officer’s car


The car of a DAP service center employee has been vandalised in an incident said to be linked to last week’s Ramadan bazaar snafu in Kluang.

Kluang Community Center Officer Sheikh Umar found his car splattered with red paint this morning. According to Sheikh, he was informed of the attack on his vehicle at 7.30am by his mother who first noticed it. A plastic bag with paint remnants was also found at the scene.

Sheikh Umar and Mengkibol Assemblyman Tan Hong Pin have lodged a police report regarding the car vandalism at the Kluang Police Station today. Sheikh said he does not blame any party for the act but suspects that it is related to the recent Kluang Ramadhan bazaar visit.

Last week, Sheikh Umar had accompanied Kluang MP Liew Chin Tong, Tan Hong Pin and an entourage from Pakatan Rakyat to a Pasar Ramadan give out dates to the patrons and vendors there, only to be denied entry by the organisers.

kereta-bro-shake4“I am not blaming anyone, but this happened coincidentally after our much-talked-about visit to the Kluang Ramadhan bazaar,” said Sheikh.

He explained that although things were set right after revisiting the bazaar with Kluang UMNO Youth Chief Khairul Anwar Rahmat, the mob that had previously stopped them from entering the bazaar were present during the second visit. The individuals had even tried to provoke them, he said.

“Some of them pointed at me and said, “that’s the Melayu bangsat (Malay bastard)”” said Sheikh.

This was the same group of men who had prevented them from entering the Kluang Ramadhan bazaar and demanded for a letter of approval to be able to enter the premises.

Embarrassed by the incident, the Kluang UMNO Youth leader had denounced the group and invited the Pakatan leaders to return to the bazaar together, as a sign of solidarity against gangster politics and hooliganism. -The Rocket

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