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Punish those who use elections to secure power

Something has changed. BN has gone from ultra-confident to unsure in a matter of days. Looking at Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan’s latest statement, Umno seems to have drastically changed its tune.

Hasan has said Umno will continue to push for an early general election whether or not Barisan Nasional wins at the Johor state election.

I call upon Johor voters to punish a reckless and greedy Umno for putting the people of Malaysia at risk just to fulfil their quest for ultimate power.

Initially Umno said that they wanted to create “political stability” which is why they dissolved the state assembly. No one believed this cocky statement, but it was Umno’s stand. People were of the thought that there was no need for a state election when Covid-19 infection rates were sky high. 

But from Hasan’s statement, it seems that this might not be achieved after all. So isn’t it a huge waste of public funds? Especially when GE15 is just around the corner? 

Does Umno want to control as many states as they can so they can manipulate the state machinery during GE15? If so, does this also mean they are not confident of winning GE15?

What happens if the number of seats won in the present ongoing state election does not change and it’s similar to before the state assembly was dissolved? Will there be another state election to elect a “stable” government?

Very clearly the voters interest has been compromised and the agenda of UMNO-BN has been given priority!!

I call upon voters to ensure BN does not win the Johor election as that may almost immediately trigger a General Election. A greedy BN would want the GE to be held when Covid-19 cases are high because they feel that what happened in Melaka will repeat on a national scale. Do not let them control your votes in this manner. 

For political maturity and stability, vote the opposition as polling day approaches. Let’s take our mandate back.

M. Kula Segaran,

MP Ipoh Barat

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