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Protect workers’ rights, re-convene Parliament to address income inequality!

Press Statement
7th April 2021

This afternoon, I was invited as a speaker for a workshop on “Achieving Worker Share of Income in the Context of Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 and the 12th Malaysia Plan” organised by the Labour Law Reform Coalition (LLRC).

Representatives from 20 union groups participated and shared ideas as well as strategies to fight against income inequality.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the two MCOs have displaced many workers who face difficulties putting food on the table and finding new employment. Meanwhile, government support has been weak.

Source: Focus Malaysia

In fact, the B40 and lower middle classes might even be facing hunger. 

Parliament needs to amend several labour laws that would protect trade unions, workers, and their families. 
The government needs to move away from a minimum wage to a living wage which would better reflect the reality faced by workers, as indicated by a Bank Negara Malaysia study.  

Therefore, Parliament has to convene urgently to deliberate these issues. 

Once again, we as elected representatives urge the PM to “tamat darurat” and re-convene Parliament.

Charles Santiago
MP for Klang

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