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Protect Our Front Liners, Not Punish Them!

The Federal Government and Ministry of Health should be properly investigating the complaints and concerns raised by front-liners, rather than threatening and instilling fear against the front-liners for speaking up.

Pictured: Dr. Kelvin Yii

I express strong concerns on a circular released by the Ministry of Health warning all of its staff not to make comments on the Covid-19 vaccination plan or post pictures on social media.

The Ministry should be looking seriously at those allegations, rather than going against those that bring up the complaints.

In addition to social media exposes, Khairy Jamaluddin claims he has also received over 200 reports on vaccine queue jumping.

The government should not just praise these front liners and make them look like heroes in the fight against Covid-19 when it is convenient for them, but when it is not, make threats of disciplinary action against them.

While we understand that there may be official channels for complaints, but they must understand, many of such complaints were not properly investigated including complaints of the “Dr Sexual Predator” that was exposed by the media was also made through formal channels, but action was only taken when it was exposed to the media.

This is important as such allegations may concern VVIPs which may give rise the perception that it may likely be just swept under the carpet without proper investigation.

That is why we asked that these whistle blowers and front liners to be given adequate protection from any form of disciplinary action especially one particular whistle-blower medical officer who is being targeted by certain irresponsible quarters for her social media posts showing pictures of queue cutters.

At the same time, all reports of queue cutters must be investigated transparently and those proven to have “cut-queue” should be exposed in public and the necessary actions be taken against them as a lesson to all as well as to instil confidence to the public that there are no double standards in the implementation of the NCIP.

Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen
MP Bandar Kuching

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