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PN spent billions of ringgit without Parliament approval that failed to reach the rakyat


Parliament must reconvene in full, not via a Hybrid sitting, so as to examine and ‘X-ray’ all the monies spent by PN


Malaysians of all races, religions and creeds have expressed clearly through social media that they have lost trust with this failed Perikatan Nasional (PN) government and that Parliament must reconvene as soon as possible. Furthermore, PN must take responsibility and admit that the State of Emergency has been an utter failure, whereby our country’s Covid-19 response and economic outlook are now even worse than before ‘darurat’ was proclaimed.

Due to the Emergency and suspension of Parliament, PN has exerted its power without transparency or check and balance and has since spent billions of ringgit without Parliament approval. While the intent for such exorbitant expenditure is for the revival of our economy and to cushion the painful effect of the ongoing pandemic, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ipoh Barat M. Kula Segaran said that the monies spent have not made much of a difference to the rakyat.


Worse, many Malaysians are complaining that the billions spent by PN have not actually reached them.

MP for Ipoh Barat, M. Kula Segaran.

In a statement released yesterday, Kula stressed,


“To date the PN Government has spent billions and yet people say they don’t see much of a difference.”


“The people are complaining that the various monies have not reached them. In any case Parliament and its various committees have full power to examine and X-ray all the monies spent,”


The MP for Ipoh Barat then urged for the various money bills to be debated immediately in Parliament so that the opposition could air the views of concern of the rakyat so that remedial action can take place. This is now more important than ever given how PN has disastrously failed to steer Malaysia out of economic recession as well as failed to competently handle the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kula, who is also the former Human Resources Minister further asserted,


“Many have lost their jobs, unemployment is all time high at 4.9%, underemployment and youth unemployment is equally disastrous, there is hardly any job creation taking place and many business are failing or have closed and they all need financial help and now there are those from the B40 who are raising the #BenderPutih.” 

In the same statement, Kula also slammed PN’s idea of implementing a hybrid sitting for Parliament as it is nothing but an attempt to disenfranchise elected MPs. Furthermore, a Hybrid Parliament would kill or prevent a transparent voting process and will only downgrade Parliament to become a ‘rubber stamp’ of the Executive.

He further clarified that a bill can only become law if it is passed by a majority vote in Parliament, thus a Hybrid system would negate the whole voting process. Hence, going through this route would prevent Parliament from carrying out its function as a check and balance to the ruling government.

Kula iterated,


“There is absolutely no reason for any special sitting to enable the hybrid model. We will not accept a mode that enables Parliament to be used as a rubber stamp to pass Laws.”


With all MPs already vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine, far exceeding the herd immunity threshold, Kula stressed that a full sitting of MPs in Parliament would be relatively safe. In fact, other national Parliaments around the globe can sit as usual during this pandemic, why can’t Malaysia?

Has this Government lost the high moral ground, honesty and openness to summon Parliament immediately to allow MPs to discharge their solemn duties? – The Rocket.

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