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PN must stop depriving Sabah of the development it desperately needs!

Press Statement
26th March 2021

Resume cancelled projects if PM sincere in giving Sabah fair treatment

If Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is serious about treating Sabah fairly, then he must start with resuming all the projects approved by the previous PH government for the benefit of the people in Sabah.

During his address in a town hall session in Kota Kinabalu on Monday, titled “Prosper Together With Sabah 2030”, the PM said that the federal government emphasizes fair treatment in drawing up development under the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP) for Sabah by providing equal allocation like for other states.

The Prime Minister said he is aware that Sabah is still lagging behind most peninsular states in terms of development. If he is sincere and serious about what he said, then I urge him to resume all the projects approved by the previous PH government that have been cancelled by his PN government for no apparent reason. These projects are crucial for the socioeconomic aspect and well-being of the people here in Sandakan.

Projects that were approved by the PH government previously but were cancelled after PN took over last year include the UTC Bandar Sandakan project, Kampung Sim-Sim Sewerage Scheme, upgrading of Jalan Sibuga – Jalan Utara Intersection in front of St Monica, upgrading of Dewan Masyarakat Sandakan, as well as upgrading the dilapidated living quarters at Taman Cahaya Sandakan.

How can the PM claim to be fair to Sabah when he cancelled these projects, thus depriving the people of Sandakan crucial infrastructure that would advance our socio-economic development?

Credit: Malaysiakini

Furthermore, the PM also announced that under the First Rolling Plan of the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP), a total of 1,039 development projects with an allocation of RM5.01 billion have been approved for Sabah. It is shocking that as the elected representative, I have not received any information or updates on this first rolling plan. Without involving the elected representative in drawing up such a plan, how does the government ensure that critical infrastructure projects are being prioritised?

We urgently need to upgrade our water pipes and pumps to ensure an uninterrupted water supply from Segaliud Water Treatment Plant; we need immediate attention to relocate our current dumpsite with a proper solid waste management system; we need the Sandakan Town Sewerage Scheme to be in place to eliminate the only direct discharge of sewerage into our sea; we need to urgently address the worsening daily traffic congestion at Mile 7 Eagle and Crocodile roundabouts, we need to complete the currently-abandoned Libaran Bypass up to the Mile 32 junction to provide a safer and quicker passage for thousands of commuters, and we also need to dredge our harbour entry urgently to allow bigger ships to come into our port and grow our economy. Are all these being prioritised in the 12MP? Are the needs of our people being heard in the 12MP?

Therefore, I urge the PM to practice what he preaches and commit to truly treating Sabah fairly and responsibly by resuming projects that benefit the people in Sabah. Figures and numbers alone are not sufficient for Sabah to prosper together with the rest of the country.

Vivian Wong
MP for Sandakan

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