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PM should not be defending Azam Baki

It is no wonder Azam does not dare to appear before a parliamentary committee – he can’t get his story straight!

First he claimed that the shares belonged to his brother who used his account.

Then when SC investigated, they found no wrongdoing because they found no proxy trading as Azam carried out the share transactions himself!

Why is Ismail Sabri so adamant in protecting a MACC Chief that he did not appoint? We call upon the PM to demonstrate his commitment to fight corruption in his administration, and protect the integrity of MACC which has been badly tarnished by Azam

If he doesn’t want to wield the axe himself, then at the very least let the Parliamentary Steering Committee carry out its responsibilities to seek clarity from Azam.

Azam’s refusal to attend even a closed-door parliamentary hearing is making a mockery of the supreme institution of the land.

Ultimately it reflects terribly on the PM as the buck stops with him.

Tony Pua

MP for Bukit Damansara

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