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Perikatan Nasional is a failed government


The rakyat continue to suffer under this unelected, incompetent and double standard government!


DAP Secretary-General, Lim Guan Eng in a speech on Sunday (18 April 2021) iterated that the Perikatan Nasional (PN) Federal Government is a failed government that is unable to manage the triple crisis of the 3rd wave of escalating Covid-19 infections, chronic political instability and a deepening economic distress for businesses and jobs in our beloved country.

Lim, who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bagan further added that the Covid-19 infectivity (Rt) in Malaysia has now reached a new high of 1.18 in 2021 and recorded the highest number of Covid-19 infections in ASEAN in per capita terms. This is despite Prime Minister Mahiaddin Yassin proclaimed a state of emergency alongside the Movement Control Order and claiming that this ‘darurat’ was for the sole purpose of battling Covid-19.

Clearly PN has failed to manage the public health crisis. Lim asserted,


“On January 11, Malaysia’s Rt was 1.11. More than 3 months after the Emergency, the Rt has not dropped below 1.11 but increased instead to 1.18. Clearly the PN government using the Emergency, has failed miserably,”


The Bagan MP then urged for Parliament to reconvene as the Emergency has not been effective in curbing the Covid-19 spike. Add to that the state of political limbo Malaysia is currently in, whereby Mahiaddin has lost his parliamentary majority following the open split with UMNO clearly needs to be resolved by opening Parliament.

Hence that is why #KerajaanGagal has been trending on social media alongside calls from the rakyat for the Emergency to be lifted with #TamatDarurat.

The Emergency must be lifted and Parliament opened as to address the suffering of the rakyat and the discrepancies of this failed PN government’s policies and spending. These include:

  • Rising costs of basic necessities and food, the highest in two decades.
  • High unemployment rate of 4.8% as of February 2021.
  • Highest youth unemployment in 30 years at 13.9%.
  • The failure of several stimulus packages and Budget 2021 to revitalise the economy. Where did the RM622 billion go to?
  • Failure to deliver on promise to increase monthly welfare aid to RM1,000.
  • Slow vaccine rollout whereby only 2% of the population have received at least one dose.
DAP Secretary-General and MP for Bagan, Lim Guan Eng.

Lim further added that there is no reason not to allow a mere 220 vaccinated MPs to meet in Parliament when all business establishments, schools, night markets and even sports stadiums has reopened.

This #KerajaanGagal must stop hiding behind the state of emergency. Malaysia must #TamatDarurat, reopen Parliament and save the rakyat from further misery. – The Rocket.

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