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Passing of MA63 and Restoring Sarawak and Sabah’s Status in the Federation

The passing of the Constitution (Amendment) Bill that allows more rights belonging to Sarawak which was eroded intentionally or unintentionally to be restored in line with the amendment made to Article 160(2) of the Federal Constitution, had shown that your votes for change in the 2018 general election were not in vain even though the Pakatan Harapan democratically elected government were overthrown by the “back door government”. 

This amendments were part of PH Manifesto in the 14 General election and Pakatan Harapan had done its utmost to fulfil it all. Without your vote and support in 2018 the change in government at that time would not have happened and this amendment would not have been realised.

During our 22 months in government, we have initiated the amendments through the special committee. Although the task could not be completed when the Sheraton Move overthrown the PH Government, but the ball had started rolling. The snow-balling effect of the determination of all Sarawakians together with DAP Sarawak State Elected Representatives and Members of Parliament had pressured the Federal Government of the day towards passing this important Amendment.

Another important factor that contributed towards the passing of the amendment is the Memorandum Of Understanding that Pakatan Harapan (PH) signed with the current Prime Minister which had set the passing of the amendment as a pre-condition for PH not to try to destabilise the current government after the PM was instated.

A huge bitter victory for all Sarawakians and Sabahans when this amendment was passed in Parliament not because it is not important but due to the fact that we have to fight for it for so long when it is actually our constitutional right in the first place.

Although many takes this passing as a great mile stone but in actual fact it is just the beginning of an arduous journey and these amendments needed to be translated into policies and implementation procedures.

As we have all experienced poor policies and bad implementation procedures over the last 58 years by the Barisan Government that had brought us lots of heart ache today, we must not let our guard down or our determination fade. In fact we must even be more vigilant and determine to ensure that the policies and procedure formulated by the Federal and State Government will have Sarawakians’ interest above all. 

In the coming days and months we pledge to all Sarawakians that we will not rest on the laurels but will work tirelessly ensuring both Federal and State the governments taking the necessary steps to have the policies revised and amended according to the Constitutional Amendment. 

I urge all Sarawakians to pay extra attention to the coming changes that is implemented from the MA63 Amendments and together we can make a better Sarawak and Malaysia.

Violet Yong

State Assemblywoman for Pending

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