PAS risks implosion because of Khalid Ibrahim

By Mohd Ariff Sabri, Raub MP

khalid anwarSeems to me, Anwar Ibrahim has his hands full with Khalid Ibrahim’s obstinacy. Khalid has shown defiance to PKR. Thus far PKR has been treating him with political circumspect and more or less respectfully in view of his stature as MB.

It is Khalid’s conduct that is forcing the hands of PKR to wash its dirty laundry in public. There appears to be no one in PKR who can counsel Khalid on the proper political conduct. That is an impossible task given the nature of Khalid’s own constitution- what can others do, if Khalid thinks he is numero uno even eclipsing Anwar Ibrahim?

It is already an embarrassment to PKR when Khalid decided to seek guidance from PAS. This simply shows that Khalid hasn’t got anyone in the leadership of PKR to whom he can share his sad story. Khalid is isolated. PAS has failed to direct itself to read the situation.

He has to take political refuge with a party composed of men of God. By doing that, isn’t Khalid sending signals to all and sundry that PKR is a party that is not morally fit to pass judgment on him? He stabs the party already. Khalid typifies the Malay description of the arrogant idiot/bodoh sombong- too clever to be followed, too stupid to be taught.

This should have been a simple internal case of PKR. PAS is bearing the negative consequences because it violates a very basic rule that governs relationship among friends- trust. If PAS cannot trust its partners, it should leave Pakatan.Either PAS does not trust PKR or Hadi does not trust Anwar Ibrahim.

PAS ought to have given trust to PKR believing that PKR is doing what is best for PR’s political agenda. As a result after its meeting this 10th of August, PAS could see itself divided into two camps.

Now, why should PAS risks implosion because of Khalid Ibrahim? PAS is not politically adroit. Its leaders do not have the political skill-sets.

PAS is trapped in some political moves not of their doing. Being the busy body, it has trapped itself because of some petty thinking on the part of its leaders. As a political leader, Haji Hadi has only shown himself to be less able. He has allowed himself to be misdirected in this issue- believing that that the removal of Khalid has not been endorsed by formal meetings. I am told that no less that 15 meetings were held supporting the removal of Khalid as MB. Khalid feigned ignorance simply because he hasn’t attended many of the meetings held by PKR’s political bureau.

Haji Hadi misinformed Tok Guri Nik Aziz on the process that took place to remove Khalid Ibrahim.

This is not a trivial matter- the removal of a sitting MB who is a member of a particular political party cannot be executed at the spur of the movement. It must have been subjected to some serious and intense deliberations on the part of PKR. PAS ought to have imputed some form of process and steps that must have been taken by PKR leading to its eventual announcement that Khalid is to be replaced. Khalid’s replacement is not the result of some people’s wet dreams.

Let’s be clear here. We are not talking about the leading luminaries of PAS in their religious capacities. We are talking about their political dexterity.

Suppose now UMNO moves a motion in the Selangor state assembly in support of Khalid Ibrahim staying on as MB. How will PAS vote? Will they vote along with UMNO therefore revealing that all the time, PAS covets working with UMNO? If they do, they will lose credibility among their loyal supporters.

How will PAS vote if such a motion were to be moved? If I were UMNO I will do this move just to kill off PAS. Remember UMNO’s agenda is to install itself as the sole voice of the Malays. PAS is their competitor in areas.

PKR has an option. Expel Khalid from PKR. Then he becomes an independent. Let’s see what he does. Since Khalid does not command any majority in the Selangor Assembly, he will be forced to resign. The fact that PKR has not sacked Khalid, should be taken by Khalid if he has any sense of propriety, that PKR is exercising political temperance.

Will he align himself with UMNO and then persuade PAS to go along? UMNO would love that. Once again, PAS is trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea. Once again PAS shows lack of political dexterity.

Khalid Ibrahim will not wilfully join UMNO. The man has no political ambitions. If he does join UMNO, that will only confirm the suspicions that he is a closet UMNO man. He will lose legitimacy and credibility and whatever sense of loyalty that he has accumulated this far, will disappear.

Khalid Ibrahim can of course go before the Sultan to ask for dissolution of the assembly. This means he has no love for the party that nominated him to become MB. He is willing to destroy everything.

If Selangor holds a snap election, does PAS think they can win back all 15 seats? If they work together with UMNO, will UMNO concede 15 seats? UMNO will want to contest in the very areas that PAS won.

UMNO will then realise, that in Selangor, PAS made inroads only because they were part of PR. Once the alliance is broken, PAS will be the most vulnerable. UMNO will work overtime to ensure PAS wins no more than 5 seats. When that happens, UMNO emerges to claim, it is the sole voice for the Malays.

Khalid Ibrahim will be a main contributor to the resurgence of UMNO in Selangor.Hidup Khalid, Hidup UMNO.

*The views expressed in the article are the personal opinion of the columnist

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