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My DAP Story

We thank you for all your wonderful stories about your journey with DAP. We were incredibly touched to hear how DAP has such a positive impact on so many.

For 55 years, DAP has committed to making Malaysia a more unified country that upholds the rules of law and democracy. The support and love you have shown us keep us going through all the trials and tribulations. We will never stop, no matter what.

Here are some selected stories out of the many heartwarming ones we received. Happy reading!

  1. “Saudara Lim Kit Siang, My Hero” by Justin Choo

Uncle Lim, or Saudara Lim Kit Siang needs no further introduction to all fellow Malaysians; friends and foes

I have been a fervent supporter of Uncle Lim since I was a young student, still not eligible to vote. In the 80s, came election day, I would return from KL to Penang, my hometown, to vote DAP, knowing full well that my one vote wouldn’t make any difference in the fate of DAP and Uncle Lim.

Still my great respect for Uncle Lim did not deter me to do my little insignificant part. Just to cast my one vote for DAP, election after election without fail, I would vote for DAP. Each time my heart sank for DAP.

I remembered on one election night after the results were announced at the Penang Esplanade, a dejected Uncle Lim walked away alone along Bishop Street, just opposite Public Bank. I was following him, too shy to call him and to shake his hand. I regretted not having the courage to do so.

Then on one occasion he wrote about his utter frustration in his blog, saying he felt like giving up. There was an immediate wave of supportive comments urging him to hang on. This time, thanks to the internet, I also had the chance to make my feelings heard.

Uncle Lim Kit Siang, the man I most respected, will be able to realize his dream of Malaysia for all Malaysians in the not too distant future. I am sure most of you will agree with me.

I am looking forward to reading his biography which will be published soon.

2. “DAP, My Family” by Kasthuri Patto

I was not even a year old here. My Godma a.k.a Mrs Lim is carrying me here and my mouth is full of something i snatched from the tray. With Papa dear, my mother Sdri Mary Patto & my Godpa Sdr Lim Kit Siang.

DAP, the party that I was born into.

My extended family.

For 55 years the DAP has been a party for all Malaysians upholding human rights, democracy, freedom, justice, equality, righteousness and good governance.

Despite being labelled all kinds of nasties, the DAP remains consistent and steadfast in putting the rakyat and nation above all.

he DAP as a party that gives importance to the voices of women and youth. Photo shows both my father and mother sitting next to each other at a DAP event and with the words “People of Malaysia UNITE!!!”

Standing up for the minority and marginalised has been something the DAP has always defended and protected.

A picture that paints a thousand words. With our dear Uncle Karpal Singh on the first day of the 13th Parliament sitting in June 2013.
I was privileged to sit next to him. He was truly legendary.

And that is why the DAP will always be my party.

My family.

3.“The courage of Eddie Ng” by Benedict Sun

Gone too soon: The late Eddie Ng was conscientious, hardworking, dedicated and a true fighter for justice.

You can blame the system or the world. You can blame all the people who messed up the world if you want. However, nothing will change even if you try so hard to blame everything. Those people won’t even remember your name. If you really want to win, be someone who can serve. Stop blaming them and pay them back with your capability.”

Our contributor Benedict is seen here distributing aid together with Eddie.

I was exposed to the DAP at a very young age. But, I was inspired by the late ADUN Eddie Ng’s courage, boldness, and wits in face of challenges, his creativity and service above self mentality to help his constituents and his comrades. He taught me to keep fighting regardless.

He will be missed, but the fight continues.

4. “We’ve been through it all” by Dyana Sofia

DAP’s Dyana Sofya distributes dates for iftar at Teluk Intan bazaar in 2017

From success stories to painful memories.

From letters to the editors to columns in three national dailies.

From deep in the middle of Borneo’s rainforest and not-so-friendly kampungs to airconditioned rooms and the comforts of Parliament’s cushioned chairs.

From the sunny Straits of Johor to the leaning tower of the sparkling bay.

We’ve been through it all.

All the best and may the best always choose you.

To another 55 years.

5. “A walk down memory lane” by Susan Toh

My DAP story is a walk down precious memory lane. And I hope YB Lim Kit Siang gets to read this.

My first brush with DAP was in 1986 when he came to Penang to stir up the political scene in a good way.

He contested against Kok Tsu Koon for the Kampung Kolam parliamentary seat and won. I was impressed with his oratory skills.

In 1990 he decided to slay the giant Chief Minister Lim Chong Eu.

Source: Facebook – Dr. Koh Tsu Koon (https://www.facebook.com/kohtsukoon.my)

This time I decided to volunteer as polling agent and recruited two other friends to sign up. No training was given, only instructions what to do in our ‘saluran’.

On polling day we brought our own water and food. Our reward was talking to Lim Kit Siang when he visited us and talked to us. We served the whole day until voting was closed.

The results would be announced in Dewan Sri Pinang but we were not allowed to attend. But somehow we managed to sneak our way into the big hall.

As we had hoped and prayed for Lim Kit Siang won. History was made! We were over the moon.

The victory dinner was held at the Gan Association of North Malaysia in Perak Road. The food served was Nasi lemak in a plate. Not buffet style and certainly not Sheraton hotel style. But we happily ate every morsel. Victory tasted good indeed.

Susan and Kit Siang pose for a photo together.

Those were the days when budget was low but spirits were high. It is now 2021. I have been a faithful supporter and volunteer for 35 years. Lim Kit Siang will always be my forever hero.

6. “Why DAP?” by Nalina Nair

The picture of our mascot, Ubah and I was taken in 2012, the year I joined DAP as a lifetime member.

I had just hit my 20’s and I remember that it was a time when it was pretty unheard of for young people to join politics. I often got asked, why DAP and not any other party?

My answer, even until today, is very simple. I believe in social democratic principles, i.e. freedom, equality and solidarity, and DAP being a social democratic party, also believes in these principles. Apart from that, DAP is a multiracial party.

The party’s membership and leadership is not based on any race or ethnicity. Someone like me who is a result of a mixed marriage, who also truly believes that diversity is strength, found joining DAP to be very natural. DAP is also one of the best parties for young women to be in. It is a party that creates safe spaces for women to thrive.

I can’t help but to be extremely proud of these two things: 1. DAP is the only Malaysian party that has a quota where at least 30% of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) must be women and 2. DAP’s 100% success rate for women candidates (Yes, ALL of DAP’s women candidates, federal and state levels nationwide won in the last GE!).

Next year will mark my 10th year in this party. Do I have any regrets?

No. I sometimes wonder if I would have had the same opportunities if I didn’t join an inclusive party like DAP due to my racial ambiguity, gender and age but with DAP, I’ve been given so many opportunities to learn and grow so much. For that, I’m ever so happy and eager to invest my time and energy in nation building through the DAP.

Happy birthday, DAP! Here’s to another 55 years and more!

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