Muhyiddin still fit to be the education minister

By M Kula Segaran

It is reported that the police has yesterday arrested a parent for allegedly threatening SK Seri Pristana school principal Mohd Nasir Mohd Noor. It is also reported that the parent, who had lodged a police report against the school principal and the school on July 30 for allegedly taking photographs of his 10 year olddaughter, is expected to be charged with criminal intimidation.

The arrest has angered many public who want to know when unfairness and injustice willend. The public are incensed that nothing has been done by either the Education Ministry or the Police especially on three issues.

The first issue involves the threats made against the whistle blower Guneswari Kelly who exposed the photographs of the shower canteen controversy. She had received kidnap threats and had lodged police report. So where is the police action?

The second issue involves the bullying of her daughter. It has been widely reported in July that Guneswari’s daughter was being bullied by both classmates and teachers in SK Seri Pristina. Guneswari said that her nine-year-old daughter was depressed because she was being picked on at school.

The daughter, who had become distraught and embarrassed by the finger pointing, was also being ostracized by her classmates. Even her attempt to win back friends by giving away pencil and highlighters had failed.

The inevitable end result is that Guneswari decided to transfer her daughter to a new school so as to end the psychological cruelty and pain inflicted on her daughter.

No action has been taken against the headmaster or teachers and the Education Minister continues to remain silent despite me having asked him if he is powerless, heartless or both over such plight faced by the whistle blower and her daughter.

The third involves alleged intimidation by the school principal.

On July 30, it was reported that a parent lodged a police report against the headmaster of SK Seri Pristina for taking photographs of pupils who allegedly reported him. This is an act of bullying and intimidation which is unacceptable.

Yet, nothing has happened. The Education Ministry has not done anything as if bullying and intimidation at school is a trivial issue.

But since the parent has lodged a police report, the police should explain what has happened to his report? If the police could act on the report lodged by the headmaster, surely the police must be able to explain what has been done on the parent’s report? Have reports lodged by Guneswari and the parent given NFA (No further action)treatment?

Let me remind the Education Minister that he can choose to remain silent over the issues at SK Seri Pristana but he can expect to be queried when Parliament meets.

Besides asking him whether he is powerless or heartless or both over the SK Seri Pristana issues, I shall ask the Prime Minister who has the prerogative to appoint ministers whether a minister who ignores acts of bullying and intimidation in schools is still fit to be the Education Minister?

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