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MUDA joins forces with DAP and AMANAH for upcoming Johor state election

The three parties are ready to mobilize resources and unite in the fight against the BN/PN government for Johor’s 2022 state election.

While not officially in Pakatan Harapan, MUDA will be a strategic election partner, working with the two other parties to form a “big tent” and hopefully establish the Johor state government this year.

After a series of internal discussions between the parties, it has been agreed upon that MUDA will be allocated six seats and will not be facing DAP or Amanah in the below listed constituencies:

1. N.5 Tenang 

2. N.7 Bukit Kepong 

3. N.22 Parit Raja 

4. N.26 Machap 

5. N.41 Puteri Wangsa 

6. N.50 Bukit Permai  

The Johor state election will be the first election allowing 18- to 21-year-olds to vote after the passing of UNDI18 last year.

The leaders of AMANAH, DAP & MUDA believe that this move will be beneficial for the people of Johor, as it gives them the opportunity to have a state government that is not in a constant battle to grab power.

Instead, the new government will be able to focus on securing a better future for all Johoreans.

*Negotiations between MUDA and PKR are still ongoing

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