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MCA should know better than to politicise Sam Ke Ting’s case.

There has been some news circulating, apparently by MCA, that when I recently said Tommy Thomas ought not to have appealed Sam Ke Ting’s case when he was AG, I was somehow alluding to Pakatan Harapan sanctioning the said appeal since Tommy was the AG during PH’s reign.

This is downright wrong and shows how desperate and bereft of ideas MCA has become.

I wouldn’t know if Tommy personally sanctioned the appeal or not, or whether Idris Harun did as well when Sam was acquitted the second time.

But as far as I am concerned, both Tommy and Idris ought not to have appealed Sam’s acquittal as I am personally of the view that there was enough doubt at the end of her case.

But the bigger issue here is that even if Tommy sanctioned the appeal during his time, how can it be said that PH had anything to do with his decision?

It is elementary that the AG is independent of the government of the day and as such, PH did not have any influence over his decision to appeal.

If MCA is saying that PH somehow was behind Tommy’s decision to appeal, was the MCA also behind Idris’s decision to appeal when it came back into power through the backdoor via the infamous Sheraton move?

MCA should know better than to politicise Sam’s case for its own political purposes and instead, focus on helping her in her case.

Ramkarpal Singh

MP for Bukit Gelugor

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