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Mahiaddin and his PN government are sleeping on the job

Here’s how Mahiaddin and his power-crazy government have failed us:

  1. Soaring Covid-19 cases & deaths despite the Emergency & lockdown
  2. Highest ratio of infections in Southeast Asia
  3. Hungry and needy Malaysians raising white flags for help out of desperation
  4. Failing to assist public hospitals in dire straits
  5. Healthcare system is collapsing
  6. 100,000 SMEs have shut down since MCO 1.0
  7. Another 50,000 SMEs in danger of closing down
  8. 7 million Malaysians risk becoming jobless by October
  9. German and Japanese investors may pull out of Malaysia

It’s been nothing but one tragedy after another, especially with our daily Covid-19 cases spiralling out of control. Today saw a record-breaking 13,215 new cases – the highest ever since the pandemic began.

Yet, Mahiaddin still has the cheek to boast that Malaysia has one of the highest daily vaccination rates in the world. Is Malaysia’s Prime Minister really not aware of the grim reality on the ground?

This article was written based on Charles Santiago’s statement dated 13th July 2021.

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