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MACC must urgently find the “hidden hands” offering bribes to Opposition MPs to support PN

Press statement by MP for Ipoh Barat, M. Kula Segaran on 10 August 2021:


Met with MACC over offer to defect to Perikatan Nasional


MACC Ipoh yesterday called up my private secretary Jeremy Chuah and myself, in relation to the offer of “money, ministerial position and additional incentives “in exchange for support towards the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government that my Secretary received through Whatsapp messages.

They interviewed Jeremy for about 4 hours where he divulged the contents of his phone. MACC later took possession of his phone.

They then interviewed me for an hour on the matter. During that time I asked the MACC to investigate the incident which was very severe in nature. I stressed that if MPs are being offered this sort of money to switch sides, it tramples on our democracy.

I have every reason to believe that the offers made were to entice MPs to switch support to the Perikatan National. There is definitely a “black hand” behind all these offers. The question is who is controlling the “black hand”?


MACC is seen as the agency which should get to the bottom of this issue. Unless Corruption is weeded out at the earliest opportunity it can cause severe damage to the country and its system. Principally our democratic elements will weaken, foreign investors will shy away from investing here, foreign aid will cease, rule of law will be compromised, people’s confidence in the government will be eroded and other destructive consequences will follow.

At this moment, 5 DAP and 5 Keadilan MPs have been approached with bountiful offers which run into millions of ringgit. I will not dismiss if similar offers have been made to other MPs who have not come out in the open to inform the world about this.

The corruptive offers are both cancerous and gangrenous to our nation, and must be flushed out at all cost.


Does the PN Government have the political will to stamp out this wrong doing?


The MACC should get to the bottom of this investigation and ensure these culprits face the full brunt of the law. Also most importantly the ‘black hand” must be named and stamped out.

I hope MACC can find these culprits as soon as possible.

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