“Kit Siang always makes time for us younger politicians.” – Gobind

I have known Saudara Lim Kit Siang almost all my life. He is a towering Malaysian who has contributed immensely to the democratic processes in this country over the last four decades. It is an undisputed fact that he is a man who has stood by his principles and beliefs. He has been through thick and thin because he believes in the DAP’s struggle. As such, he is commonly acknowledged as the central pillar of the party.

Despite being one of the most senior members of Parliament, he is very down-to-earth in dealing with the newer politicians in DAP. You never feel uneasy when you are in his company; in fact, he has the ability to blend in with various crowds and does not demand anything of you.

Mr and Mrs Lim Kit Siang are also well respected family friends. I recall him coming to our house when I was younger, and he is the same today. Though he is turning 70, he is still young at heart and has the spirit to fight.

I get a lot of guidance from Mr. Lim, although of course I have my father to look up to and to get advice from, I do look to Mr. Lim as a father figure as well. At times when I need a different perspective, I ring him up and he has never said no to me.

One night during Teoh Beng Hock’s inquest, some new information surfaced and I needed to speak to Mr Lim urgently. I was at Bangsar Shopping Complex and he was elsewhere; I asked if it was possible to speak to him that night because I had court the next morning. Without hesitating, he told me to wait there and in fifteen minutes, I saw Lim Kit Siang walking up to me and we had a half-hour chat at the side of the road because it was so important and there was no time or need for formalities. That’s Lim Kit Siang. He always makes time for the younger politicians in DAP and all of us look up to him as the anchor.

In terms of Parliament, I have gotten myself into tough spots several times but as long as Lim Kit Siang was in the Dewan, you know you have someone to count on. He is the kind of guy who will never let you down; he will fight for our MPs to have the latitude to say their piece. For instance, when I was suspended, Mr Lim was at the forefront taking charge of the situation. I have never seen him turn his back on any of us.