Nie Ching: Kit Siang’s work rate puts young people to shame!

It’s hard to believe that Kit Siang will be 70 years old this year when he works much harder than his younger cohorts. I felt very fortunate that after joining DAP in 2008, I was able to accompany him on his tours to Sabah to perform party activities.

During those times, we were touring Sabah almost every month. I was able to observe him from close up. His political acumen is amazing, something young people should take on. His work rate would put some young people to shame too!

After following him around for more than two years, I begin to realise that he is truly a treasure to DAP. His political experience, prestige and judgement is invaluable to DAP. We need someone like him to be around to guide us.

He has often been alleged to be meddling in and controlling the party’s affairs and practising favouritism towards party members. It cannot be further than the truth. His biggest preoccupation is to realise the two-party system in Malaysia. He has no time to meddle in party affairs. These accusations are very unfair to him. Before joining DAP, I have often heard that he is dictatorial; after knowing him since 2008, I have to say that he is not like that at all. In fact, my respect for him has only increased since then.

If the general elections are to be held this year, I hope what he has been striving for all these years will be realised. That would be the best birthday present for him!