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Lebanon, we stand with you and behind you

Press statement by Teo Nie Ching
5th August 2020

Last night, an explosion near Beirut’s port claimed the lives of at least 78 people and injured at least 4000 more, with many still unaccounted for. The explosion is said to have been caused by explosive materials confiscated between 2013 and 2014 by the Lebanese government, according to the country’s director of general security.

The Democratic Action Party (DAP) Malaysia has asked, and is urging, the Malaysian government to render assistance to Lebanon in any way necessary.

We join the world in mourning for the lives affected by such a terrible tragedy. Our hearts and prayers go out to Lebanon, its people, its government, and our sister party the Lebanese Progressive Socialist Party, as they navigate this catastrophe in the midst of a pandemic.

To Lebanon, we stand with you and behind you, with fervent hopes that no more lives are claimed by the explosion and those missing are found.

Teo Nie Ching
DAP International Secretary
MP for Kulai

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