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No hope for UMNO when even Khairy goes down the dark path of extremism

lge khairy racistWhen someone like Khairy Jamaluddin, who DAP’s Lim Guan Eng sees as a sober voice in the madness of religious and racist UMNO, resorts to evil politics; then there is no hope in UMNO as a party for the future of Malaysia.

The DAP Secretary General said this in responding to UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin’s speech in the UMNO assembly meeting where the latter had asked non-Malays to stop questioning Malay rights, the status of the rulers, and the official status of Bahasa Malaysia as the national language.

Lim said that Khairy had taken “the dark road travelled by extremists like Perkasa” when playing the religious card to “strike fear in the hearts of Malays”. He believes that this was done to distract Malays and the poor from the issue of financial help and to focus instead on playing the racial card.

“Putting the blame on non-Malays is dishonest and evil politics by Khairy because it is simply false and malicious that the non-Malays had questioned such rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution,” said Lim Guan Eng.

Lim added that it was in fact, UMNO who had questioned the rights of the rulers in the early 90’s. This was largely attributed to former premier Mahathir Mohamed who was the president of UMNO who had pushed for the reducing the power of royalty in state administration, politics and business matters.

Lim also took a swipe at the UMNO Youth leader for saying that youth rather join “that chauvinistic party” instead of UMNO because unlike UMNO, “that chauvinistic party” gave more opportunity for youth to rise within its ranks and be elected as MP’s. Although Khairy was not quoted referring to DAP, the rhetoric of DAP as a chauvinistic party has been prevalent among other UMNO youth leaders such as Federal Territory youth leader Razlan Rafii whose infamy was marked by his threat to torch the DAP headquarters backed by a mob of UMNO youth earlier this year.

“Isn’t DAP’s success in beginning to attract Malay youths a positive sign that DAP is neither chauvinistic nor racist but a multi-racial political party fighting for all Malaysians?” said Lim, who said that the labeling of the DAP was ironic coming from UMNO who only accepted Malays.

According to Lim, it is UMNO who is the “racist party” since it was only open to a single race unlike the DAP.

teng-chang-khim-650x400Another DAP leader, Sri Pinang rep Teng Chang Khim also took issue with Khairy’s speech reminding non-Malays to honour their “original promise” during Malaysia’s inception.

Khairy was quoted saying that the Malays had “opened its doors” to non–Malays in the country, resulting in “great sacrifices” on the part of the Malays. This did not sit well with Teng, who in return reminded Khairy that it was not just the Malays who had fought for independence, but also the non – Malays.

“This is a historical fact. So don’t forget UMNO’s original promise to the non-Malays!”

“I would also like to remind him that it was not just Malays from UMNO who fought for our independence but also Malays from outside the party.”

He warned that if the UMNO leadership is unfair to the people, they would be punished from the ballot boxes by all races.

teo kok seong roketkiniBlaming the non–Malays at the UMNO General Assembly, according to Rasah MP Teo Kok Seong, is not something out of the ordinary. He said that the meet had always been a platform to “bash and blame” other races for the inherent failures apparent in UMNO.

“As though that is UMNO’s main agenda,” he said.

Teo has asked Khairy to name who amongst the non-Malays had not honoured the original promise in the social contract.

“If he thinks that to dispute is the same has not honouring the agreement, then he should go back to school,” said Teo, who said that the DAPSY youth have always respected and honoured the principles of fairness outlined in the federal constitution – but has blamed the system that facilitates corruption.

He said that the DAPSY has never faulted any particular race for issues related to the economy, socio-culture, politics or religion.

“I wonder, what is the reaction from the non-Malay youth components of Barisan National be it MCA MIC or Gerakan to the statement made by Khairy Jamaluddin.”

“Maybe they are unable to do anything but merely bow down and kowtow to UMNO.”

Teo likened Khairy to “Sharif Dol samseng Kampung Dusun” who has a penchant for stirring problems with others with the sweeping statements he made.

“If this is the mentality of the UMNO Youth Leader, then it is not surprising that many Malays have opted for the DAP instead,” said Teo.

shariffdol“Sharif Dol samseng Kampung Dusun” is an iconic tagline for the actor Sharif Dol who played the part of a gangster in a P. Ramlee classic “Seniman Bujang Lapok” in 1961. -The Rocket

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