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It’s another witch hunt all over again!

Press Statement
7th August 2020

Even before Lim Guan Eng was nabbed last night, the media had already reported saying he may be arrested by the anti corruption agency. 

So why haven’t we read juicy details about the DAP Sec-Gen’s alleged corruption involving the tunnel project, in the media? Especially in the BN-controlled papers or those prominent for exposing scandals such as The Edge?

In fact, there was not a whiff of scandal in the public domain even after he was made the Finance Minister.

Blogger Raja Petra spewed his usual venom and ended up losing the court case against Guan Eng for writing a few inaccurate and slanderous articles.

Let’s look at the process in which the Penang undersea tunnel project was awarded: it was through an open tender, which was headed by the Chief Secretary. 

The then Chief Minister, Guan Eng, and Penang state exco members were not involved in negotiations to award the tender to Consortium Zenith Construction. 

And the state government hasn’t paid a single cent towards the tunnel project, valued at RM6.3billion.

Some RM208million was paid for an Environmental Impact Assessment into three roads that make up a part of the project and aimed at alleviating the state’s transport woes.

Didn’t the anti-corruption body drop the case in 2018, after an exhaustive investigation?

So why is the case being exhumed now? 

Guan Eng is clearly a victim of selective persecution aimed at taking a whack at DAP’s image and using it to destroy Pakatan Harapan.

The overnight incarceration at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) was in bad faith and is to keep a lid on dissent.

Guan Eng’s family has also been targeted with the arrest of his wife over allegations of abuse of power and money laundering.

This is a dangerous game to play. It reeks of a witch hunt and is fast-becoming a trademark of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s government.

Charles Santiago 
MP for Klang

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