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A win for UMNO or a win for Najib?

The Facebook video of Najib Razak raises many questions, chief of which is whether the Malacca general election is to be the stepping stone for Najib to become the  10th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

From his Facebook Video, Najib was  evidently speaking as the commander-in-chief of the UMNO campaign in the Malacca general election and the question automatically arises whether the Malacca general election will be a stepping stone for Najib to become the 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Najib thanked the Malacca voters for supporting him and UMNO and he described the satisfaction of BN’s state election big win yesterday with a good night’s sleep.

PRN Melaka: Isu tanah RM100 juta, dijadikan bahan lawak, Najib kesal diri  jadi sasaran propaganda | Astro Awani
It is unfortunate that Najib’s RM100 million housing issue came too late in the campaign to fully  impact on the outcome of the Malacca general election.

But the question whether UMNO’s big win the Malacca general election was a stepping-stone for Najib to become the 10th Prime Minister  and the return of kleptocacy to Malaysia  should be pondered not only by Malaccans but by all Malaysians.

The Malacca general election has been described as a landslide victory for UMNO. This description is problematic as the Barisan won a “landslide” victory only  terms of seats won but not in terms of votes secured by each coalition.

In yesterday’s Malacca general election, Barisan Nasional won  38.39% or 122,741 votes cast, while Pakatan Harapan won 35.65% or 113,968 votes. Perikatan Nasional secured 24.47% or 78,220 votes of the total votes cast.

The difference between Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan is only 8,773 votes and there are 12 seats which  Barisan Nasional won with less than 1,000-vote majority, seven against PH and five against PN.

If these 12 seats had been won by PH and PN, the distribution of seats among the three coalitions would be  PH 12, BN 9 and PN 7 – setting off Malacca on a new political waters.

Lim Kit Siang

MP for Iskandar Puteri

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