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Is Anwar bisexual?

by Yang Bai Yang (pseudonym), Veteran Commentator

Anwar-and-familyMy niece Aina who lives in Singapore posted on my Facebook Wall to ask me:

“Uncle, I don’t know if this (Sodomy II) incident is another political conspiracy to frame him and throw him in jail again. But I have a question which maybe you can answer, because you knew him 40 years ago.

If he is a ‘normal’ man, why is he being accused twice of the same offence, why would they frame him for sodomy twice? It is only natural for men to be lustful, they will easily fall for the ‘trap’ of a woman, like in the case of Chua Soi Lek’s sex tape. But for Anwar, I really wonder why is he always linked to men?

I would like to know for a fact, is the Anwar that you know a bisexual? If he is, then I understand that he is not guilty in the sodomy case. He must have been falsely accused, because if the act is consensual, how can one be convicted of sodomy? Instead, he fell for lust and the cunning plot of his opponent (the complainant could have been sent by Anwar’s rivals) which he could not resist.”

This is my response to Aina:

“Aina, I was in the same prison with Anwar in Kamunting in 1975 (about the time you were born). He was released earlier than me. After I was released in 1977, I did not stay in touch with him. After he joined UMNO, all the more I thought of him as a stranger.

When he was first accused of sodomy in 1998, a lot of people asked me half –jokingly: ’Eh, Wen Bo, did you ever do anything like that with your cell-mate?’ My answer is: No, definitely not.

When he was imprisoned, I  felt sympathy for him and his family. In 2008, when the Sodomy II case broke, again some people like you asked me why is he always associated with relationships with men.

My answer is: this has nothing to do with sexual orientation anymore, but this is an issue of political struggle. I feel even more sympathy for him and his family.

I only knew and interacted with Anwar for a short period of time in prison, and after we were released we had no contact. He probably does not remember me as his former prison inmate. Of his changing political fortunes in the next four decades, I only heard about it from the media.

Is he bisexual? Definitely not, when I was with him. Could he have become bisexual afterwards? The answer is: I don’t know.  That is his private matter, frankly I’m not interested to find out.

From the first sodomy case to Sodomy II, I have nothing but sympathy for him and his family. When we were in prison together, I was 24 and he was 27.

He kept himself busy pursuing knowledge and living according to a disciplined routine. From what I observed, he is a caring family man.

As for whether there were any changes to his sexual orientation, I really don’t want to know, and I don’t think it’s important.

If someone who was so close to becoming our Prime Minister could face this kind of encounter, don’t you think we are living in a very terrifying country? Certainly it strikes fear in one’s heart.

Even if Anwar is bisexual, and even if he ‘deserves’ to go to jail for it, must he go through such long sentences? Even corrupt officials and their traitorous cronies did not face a punishment this serious.”

In the end, Aina told me: “This is fate. 1998, 2008 and 2015 are said to be years of restoration. Hopefully this is Anwar’s last tribulation. His family is very strong. I wish them well.”

I, too, will wish Anwar and his family well. Previously I thought he was shameless to join UMNO just to climb up the political ladder, but I have since forgiven him. After the Reformasi movement started, I have nothing but appreciation for his efforts.

-The Rocket

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