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Wan Ahmad Fayhsal has insulted not only minorities but also the Federal Constitution

Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Wan Ahmad Fayhsal, who went viral for offering support letters in exchange for votes, has stirred up more controversy with his calls for abolishing vernacular schools in Malaysia.

This is another amazing feat for the backdoor government, as Perikatan Nasional has produced the first Deputy Minister in history that has directly violated the Federal Constitution.

Article 152(1) of the Federal Constitution states that the national language shall be the Malay language, but Malaysians can use, learn or teach other languages, as well as Federal or state government can preserve and sustain, the use and study of other languages.

It is sad that no Minister or Deputy Minister from Muhyiddin’s cabinet or Muhyiddin himself for that matter, has stood up for the rights of minorities in this country and condemned Wan Ahmad Fayhsal’s comments.

Many others though have been calling for Wan Ahmad Fayhsal to be investigated under the Sedition Act as vernacular schools are protected under the Federal Constitution. Furthermore, precedent has been set in 1982 when an MP was charged and convicted for similarly offensive remarks.

DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng however believes Wan Ahmad Fayhsal can clean up his mess by simply withdrawing his comments and apologizing to minorities. Guan Eng hopes Wan Fayhsal will do the right thing and put to rest these racist calls to abolish vernacular schools once and for all.

You can read Lim Guan Eng’s full statement on vernacular schools here.

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