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Hannah Yeoh to be called in for questioning for UNDI18 peaceful protest

1. I read from news reports that the cops would be calling me to record my statement for participating in the Undi18 protest outside of Parliament last Saturday.

2. Up to 7pm today, I have yet to receive any calls from the police on the above.

3. I am the Member of Parliament for Segambut.

4. Parliament is located in Segambut, my constituency.

5. I was around that area on Saturday and I was informed about a peaceful protest by young people who are unhappy with the Election Commission’s latest decision to defer implementation of Undi18 to September 2022.

6. I have voted in favour of Undi18 in 2019 in Parliament.

7. As a responsible MP, I went on my own to Parliament on Saturday to see what was happening in my constituency which has received huge coverage in the news. When I arrived, the young people were about to disperse.

8. It is my opinion that consistent with the debate in Parliament in favour of Undi18, if an 18 year old is old enough to drive or to marry, he/she should not be denied of his/her right to vote.

9. Parliament has decided in 2019 but it is now shut. These young people have no where else to go to complain of this latest development by EC except to Parliament itself.

10. I hope the police will understand that these young people came in peace and dispersed in peace, wearing masks and obeyed the instruction of the police. I will cooperate with the police if they call me in and I will tell them what I saw and what I stand for.

For every believer of Undi18 and the voters of Segambut.

Hannah Yeoh

MP for Segambut

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