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Government must acknowledge effects of Climate Change

As seen with the recent flash floods and strong tornado-like winds in Ipoh yesterday, the federal government must admit that the effects of climate change are real and in full effect. Being in denial will not help anyone.

These storms are felt now, stronger than ever. These floods are as bad as any we have seen. All the damage cost is the costliest we have ever had to bear, and it will only get worse from here. Do not forget that with this kind of weather we also have to face landslides and even water pollution.

Last April, our Environment and Water Minister said Malaysia was not “climate vulnerable”. This statement must be corrected immediately. 

Next, the government must come up with an extensive climate change plan.

  • Some of the initiatives we can work on immediately is a 5 year plan to go fully electric and to use mainly renewable energy.
  • Our heatmap around the country shows that we are suitable for solar energy.
  • There are some rebates on taxes for electric cars in Malaysia, but unfortunately, they are not affordable to the masses. Get the affordable models in the country as well.
  • installing pedestrian walkways and cycling pathways for its citizen’s recreation and enjoyment.
  • converting empty spaces into urban farms to tackle food security
  • market-based incentives for restoring degraded forest and increasing penalty for illegal logging, reforestation, and launching of carbon taxes. There must also be more prudence when it comes to degazetting protected forest, it cannot be as easy as it is now.
  • Address massive urbanisation and its effects on our country. Do we have enough  Water catchment areas, which are vital to keep the water table in the ground stable?

We sympathize with the affected  residents. Our team is here around the clock to assist the residents.
Over 300 houses have been affected by the strong wind which some say was like a tornado. 

Each house requires assistance of RM3,000 to RM10,000. We urge the affected house owners to lodge police reports and state the amount they have incurred loss for the authorities to assist in providing financial assistance. Almost all the residents are from the lower income from up or the B40 who need financial assistance.

The world needs to reach near net zero CO2 emissions, along with strong reductions in other greenhouse gas emissions. We need to do our part and it starts with admitting that Climate Change is real and what we are doing wrong. 

M. Kula Segaran

MP Ipoh Barat

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