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Gerakan is fierce with Dyana, but a mouse with UMNO

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok told Gerakan today to be firm with UMNO and its stand against the “Chinese are Ingrates” comment by Zahid Hamidi, Home Minister.

When asked about the comment , Gerakan Deputy President Liang Teck Meng said that it was part of a “bigger speech”

“Why can’t Gerakan leaders at least demand that Zahid retract his remarks and apologise to the Chinese community?”

“Clearly Gerakan leaders are very frightened of Umno leaders,” said Teresa Kok, who added the Gerakan had been very brave with Dyana Sofya by calling her a liar on the Perkasa issue even though she had provided her explanations.

“I urge BN leaders to be careful with their speech, make sure that part of their conversations or speeches are not simply cut out of the whole speech and then spun and twisted.”

As a response this, Teresa asked if  Liang  was trying to suggest that Zahid should blame the media for the public’s negative perception of the Home Minister’s  “Chinese Malaysians who vote for the opposition DAP, after becoming economically successful, are “ingrates”” comment.

“It is so obvious that Gerakan are very fierce with Dyana, but they are only a mouse with Umno leaders,” said the Seputeh MP, who added that Gerakan leaders and elected representative are useless and ineffective in Barisan Nasional government as seen from their inability to champion the people’s interest.

On 26 of May Zahid Hamidi was quoted saying,

“I will be sad if the people of Teluk Intan picked DAP again. The Malays will be sad. The Indians, will be sadder.”

“But It’s ok for the Chinese because they have their businesses!”

“But if we dont have Indians and Chinese buying from Chinese businesses, then they wont be able to do business, am I right?”

“They got wealthy, so they chose DAP, how ungrateful of them!”

“Am i right?”

Later, in Mandarin, he said,  “We are one family”.

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