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Fixing The Roof Over One’s Head

A perennial concern amongst the urban dwellers, housing woes has been plaguing Selangor residents for decades. One of the biggest concerns was abandoned housing projects.

When Pakatan took over in 2008, there were more than 150 abandoned housing projects in the state. The new administration has tackled the issue with gusto. As of 2011, the state has resolved (i.e. taken over directly or matched to willing developers) 29 of abandoned housing projects project revival.

Another issue was the illegal change of property ownership during the previous administration’s tenure. The most notorious was the Bukit Botak resettlement scheme.

Large tracts of land were pledged to the squatters who opened the area in 1985. It was revealed that out of the 1,364 settlers to be allocated lots, 81 were below 18 years old.

Hundreds of names of eligible settlers in the Bukit Botak resettlement project were deleted and replaced with other people, some of whom are now only in their 20s.

Several grassroots politicians and outsiders were allegedly given lots here. As a result the original settlers squatted on their promised land for more than 20 years.

Selangor Affordable House Price
Area Category of House
and % Allocated
Within M.C   20 %Low Cost  42,000
(Klang Valley  20% Low Medium Cost  72,000
area)  10% Medium Cost  100,000
Within D.C  20% Low Cost  35,000
 20% Low Medium Cost  60,000
 10% Medium Cost  85,000
Outside of  20% Low Cost  30,000
M.C/D.C  10% Low Medium Cost  50,000
 10% Medium Cost  70,000
M.C – Municipal Council, D.C – District Council

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