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Federal government continues Harapan’s toll reduction initiative

The Federal government’s decision to not raise fares for four tolled roads in the Klang Valley is based on a 2019 Pakatan Harapan initiative to help lower the burden of living costs.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced that there will be no more increase in toll rates for the LDP, SMART, SPRINT and Kesas highways following an agreement to restructure the highways’ toll concessions.

While Harapan leaders commended the move, they urged the government to stay true to the original initiative and include additional discounts for the four highways as well.

Under the PH administration, there was an 18% reduction in toll after a renegotiation with PLUS. Additionally, the agreement with PLUS ensured no increase in toll rates until 2058, and no further compensation to PLUS in the future.

From this taxpayers would save RM42 billion from the restructuring which can be channeled into healthcare, education, and other important social programs.

In comparison the previous contract signed by the Barisan Nasional government allowed PLUS to increase its toll rates by 5% every three years, and every time Barisan Nasional wanted to stop the price increase, it had to use public funds to pay compensation to PLUS.

Unfortunately, additional toll reductions which were planned by PH such as a 30 per cent discount and free tolls for 16 hours a day for the four highways could not be accomplished in time due to the infamous “Langkah Sheraton” and the subsequent fall of the PH government.

In a statement released earlier today, the PH Presidential Council reminded the public that were they given a chance to fulfil their full term as government, a lot more policies would have been implemented to help ease the burden of the people.

The four highways in reference will be taken over by Amanat Lebuhraya Rakyat Bhd (ALR) for RM5.48 billion.

The joint statement which was signed by PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, Amanah president Mohamad Sabu, DAP secretary-general Loke Siew Fook and Upko president Wilfred Madius Tangau also asked the government to provide a full explanation to Parliament on the ownership of ALRs, especially in terms of financial obligations and transparency of ALR expenditures.

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