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Fast track Covid-19 vaccination, allow pregnant women to walk in for inoculation

Press statement by ADUN for Padang Lalang and Penang State Executive Councillor for Social Development & Non-Islamic Religious Affairs, Chong Eng on 1 June 2021:


Fast track vaccination by allowing pregnant mothers to walk into national vaccination centres or nearest clinic for Covid-19 vaccine injection


I have been approached by some expressing concern over vaccination for pregnant mothers, especially those who are in the second and third trimester (14 to 33 weeks) of pregnancy.

These pregnant mothers are anxious about getting the vaccination injections as the second and third trimesters are considered the best period to receive Covid-19 vaccinations.

They are hoping that Khairy Jamaluddin, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) to walk the talk. It was reported in the News Straits Times on 17 May that Khairy, the Coordinating Minister for the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme Khairy, said this:

“Only the Pfizer vaccine is allowed for pregnant women between week 14 and 33, or they should defer vaccination till after their pregnancy. The vaccine is also suitable for nursing mothers.

NST article screenshot on Khairy’s statement.

“I have asked the Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) to coordinate with hospitals and the respective specialists to make arrangements, so they are given priority to receive the Pfizer vaccine,” said the Science, Technology and Innovation Minister in a Press conference via Zoom.

To offer some form of protection for pregnant mothers, please simplify the procedures by allowing pregnant mothers to walk into national vaccination centres or clinics which offer Covid-19 vaccination nearest to them for injections.

ADUN for Padang Lalang, Chong Eng.

Allowing pregnant mothers to walk into the nearest vaccination centres should be the easiest and most conveniet way without causing much burden for both sides – the national vaccination centres and pregnant mothers.

Such move is also within the standard operating procedures issued for lockdown period from 1 to 16 June to fight against Covid-19 pandemic. By allowing pregnant mothers to walk into national vaccination centres, this helps to expedite the process of achieving herd immunity, as well as providing protection for pregnant mothers and the babies as soon as possible.

I urge the minister to look into this immediately and act on it fast.

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