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What does the future hold for MCA?

Emir Research’s finding that the Chinese favour UMNO over DAP is indeed ridiculously silly and laughable but more interesting and noteworthy is the finding  that UMNO receives more than double the support of the Chinese than the MCA.

Where does this leave MCA?

Crumbs and scraps?

The best  persons to answer this question will be the MCA leaders and I do not hazard to answer for them.

In fact, dare they answer this question?

Emir Research’s findings has come at a time when there is much talk of a “Grand Coalition”.

But sadly, those who talk of a “Grand Coalition” are the practitioners of the toxic and extremist  politics of race and religion who have forgotten the five Rukun Negara principles as the basis to build a multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural Malaysia where the Malaysian nation is more important than any race, religion or culture.

Is the idea of a “Grand Coalition” to fulfil Bapa Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Merdeka Day aspiration in 1957 to be “a beacon of light in a difficult and distracted world” and the Dream of all Malaysians for Malaysia  to be a world top class nation which is on the cutting edge of technology, leveraging on the best values of the four great civilisations which meet in confluence in Malaysia – away from the trajectory of a failed state, kleptocracy and kakistocracy?

Any idea of a Grand Coalition to sustain  a kleptocracy and kakistocracy is bound to fail, for as William B Yeats said in his poem, “The Second Coming”,

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

“Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

“The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

“The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

“The best lack all conviction, while the worst

“Are full of passionate intensity

Lim Kit Siang

MP for Iskandar Puteri

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