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EC must set up overseas polling station for Johor state election

The Election Commission should set up overseas polling stations in Singapore in the upcoming 2022 Johor state election

  1. The Johor state assembly was dissolved a few days ago.
  2. There are about 400,000 Malaysians who are working in Singapore, of which many of them are Johorians. This is a significant number of voters that would affect the outcome of the state elections.
  3. However, the vaccinated-travel-lane (VTL) limits the number of voters who can travel back to vote in the upcoming Johor state election.
  4. In order to participate in the election, hundreds of thousands of Johor voters have to register and cast postal votes.
  5. I hope that the Election Commission will not make life difficult for Johor voters. It must show strong commitment to allow more qualified Johor voters to vote.
  6. The refusal to make allowance for an easier method for Johorean voters in Singapore to vote is a blatant disrespect of their constitutional democratic rights. There should not be hurdles set up nor the process cumbersome to prevent qualified voters from voting.
  7. With that, I call upon the Election Commission to set up overseas polling stations in the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore.

Teo Nie Ching
MP for Kulai

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