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Dont just restructure ESSCOM, release the RCI findings as well

By DAP Sabah Vice Chairman Chan Foong Hin

Chan-Foong-Hin-650x400DAP Sabah welcomes the restructuring of the Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM) as announced by Prime Minister Najib Razak. Despite the ESSCOM restructuring, government should do more with strong political will, including immediately releasing the findings of Royal Commissions of Inquiry (RCI) into illegal immigrants.

Once again, DAP Sabah needs to assert that the no-confidence-vote against the Chief Minister following the failure of ESSCOM is not “a deliberate act for cheap publicity” as described by Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) Information Chief, Sapawi Ahmad. Criticism over the ineffectiveness of the ESSCOM is not “cheap publicity” is proven by another kidnapping bid happened the day before. In fact, the never-ending cases of kidnapping is humiliating to the government.

Realising the urgent need to strengthen the ESSCOM and security management in Sabah East Coast by restructuring the organisation, the Federal Government has decided to split ESSCOM into two main components, the Security and Defence Management component, and the Enforcement and Public Action component. Security and Defence Management headed by a commander, while the Enforcement and Public Action managed by a CEO.

It is noteworthy that it was reported “both the CEO and the Esscom commander will help the Sabah Chief Minister in managing the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (Esszone) committee.” (The Malaysian Insider) Should the Sabah Chief Minister wash his hand over the failure of ESSCOM to protect the state from intruders? Definitely he can’t.

DAP Sabah is of the opinion that ESSCOM restructuring is a delayed right move. However, the issue is so complex that not only prevention of outsider intrusion is important, but the insider’s help to the armed men group should be addressed as well.

Therefore, restructuring ESSCOM alone would not guarantee us safety. Stern action to clean up the frauds of illegal immigrants with mykard is the test for our government to prove it’s political will. It has been proven that insiders play a prominent role in providing kidnappers information in the recent series of cases.

Furthermore, it is wrong for Najib to cover up ESSCOM’s failure to prevent kidnappings by saying that “the area is big…. they (the complex society inhabiting it) do not see national boundaries as a barrier.” Why does the society inhabiting there not see national boundaries as a barrier? Simply because we (all the relevant authorities) have allowed it. Resort owners advised to only hire citizens as staff, but who can guarantee that those hired are not illegal immigrants (or it’s second generation) with Mykad?

DAP Sabah urges the Prime Minister to release the findings of the RCI immediately and table it for debate in the coming parliament session and Sabah state assembly sitting. Lastly, stop any attempt to spin and cover up for the obvious incapability of Chief Minister to lead ESSCOM to safeguard Sabah sovereignty and marine border!

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