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Dear Aunty Rosmah,

I like to see the many photos of you in the newspapers… you always dress up so prettily. You have many handbags, you always carry a different handbag to match your clothes.

I heard that the beautiful bags that you carry around are of a brand called Hermes Birkin. I saw on Facebook that a Hermes Birkin bag can cost up to RM330,000. That’s the price of a house in Rifle Range, where I live.

Im sure you earn a lot of money in order to afford such bags. It must be nice. Daddy says that if he gets a bonus from the government next year, he can buy me a new school bag.

But I have to wait, because there are other things to pay for. Like my school books. Cikgu Rohayah gave us a book voucher to bring home so that we don’t have to pay so much for our school books. Still, Daddy looks worried whenever I ask him for money to pay my tuition. I feel bad, but all my classmates go to tuition. We are sitting for our UPSR this year.

After our exams, my class is going to visit an orphanage. The children there are very poor. I wonder if you will come and give some money to them? I heard that you like to help poor children. I hope you will.

We learned in school about the poor people in Sabah and Sarawak. Some of them do not have running water or toilets where they live. Some of the children need to take boats and walk through forests to go to school. I really wonder why there are so many poor people, and who is helping them.

Some of my classmates are very rich. Like Sara who lives in Hillside Tanjung Bungah. Her family is going to Europe during the school holidays. I wish I could do that, I have never been on an airplane. What is it like in Australia? I read that you have been there lately. Some people said that you bought a lot of expensive clothes when you were there, is that true?

I hope it is not true. If you can, please go visit my friends in Sabah and Sarawak. They would love to see you.




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