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DAP comes through in times of need

It doesn’t matter your race, religion, or occupation, DAP helps those who are in need.

Times are tough and the only way we can get through this is by helping one another. As an opposition party whose hands are tied to influence policies due to Parliamentary lockdown, we will still do whatever we can to provide direct help to Malaysians.

In our quest to help Malaysians, our motto is “No one should fall through the system”. Here’s how we reached out to the many different sectors of our community


Many students still do not have smartphones or laptops that will allow them to access e-learning modules during the pandemic. The promise of 150,000 laptops made by the PN government is yet to be fulfilled.

This means many students will be behind on their studies when they eventually go back to school.

To counter this, our DAP reps have been reaching out to students who can’t afford to join their classes due to lack of personal devices.

State assemblyman for Bukit Gasing Rajiv Rishyakaran has been working extremely hard to ensure that no youth in Bukit Gasing goes without a device and has continued to deliver laptops to students in need.

We all hope as a team that Bukit Gasing will be the first constituency to ensure that every house with a child has a device.” – Rajiv Rishyakaran

Thanks to donations, State assemblyman for Ayoh Keroh Kerk Chee Yee has been able to distribute many different second-hand devices for these students.

Some students received a mobile phone, some a laptop, while others got a tablet device. It all depends on what the public contributes.

“Many families are really facing difficulties right now. Some can’t afford to buy their child an extra smartphone or laptop for studies. Others have had to stop working to stay at home with their kids who can’t attend school. We will do as much as we can, but the government really needs to step up as well” – Kerk Chee Yee

State assemblyman for Pasir Pinji Howard Lee also wants to be part of the solution in helping students keep up with their studies. Through a state program called Tuisyen Cikgu Saarani, Howard helped to distribute more than 150 smartphones to students.

Howard has distributed these devices while doing his mobile vaccination program for his constituents. Now that’s what we call a two-in-one deal!

Gelugor MP, Ramkarpal Singh has also gotten in on the action. The students at SK Sg Gelugor which happens to be the oldest Malay primary school in Malaysia, were happy to receive their tablet devices.

“I hope that the tablets will help the students to continue their studies in this time of Covid-19” – Ramkarpal Singh

Taxi Drivers

Chong Chieng Jen waves to a taxi driver after dropping off a resident for her vaccine appointment.

Taxi drivers have been going through a difficult time for several years now with the introduction of e-hailing rides. With the ongoing pandemic, things have gotten even worse . That’s why many DAP reps have engaged taxi drivers to help with coordinating vaccine appointments for their residents.

DAP Sarawak have been conducting a program since June to provide free transportation services to vaccination appointments in Kuching

Senior citizens who don’t possess their own transport and find it difficult to travel to their appointments have taken part in this program.

The taxi iniative is so heart-warming because many of the drivers even go out of their way to accompany the disabled and elderly inside the PPV so that they do not get lost. This was not part of the program but the drivers did it out of the kindness of their heart.

“We will foot the bill. You do not need to pay anything. Hopefully this will facilitate the vaccination programme and also to help the taxi industry,” said the DAP Sarawak Chairman, Chong Chieng Jen.

Dr. Kelvin Yii helps a patient with the paper work for his vaccine appointment

Many of the elderly constituents have no transport because their children are either in another town or state for work too and have greatly benefitted from this program.

“We have also received call even from children staying in Kuala Lumpur and other parts of Peninsular Malaysia to ask us to help transport their elderly parents living alone here in Kuching,” said Bandar Kuching MP, Dr. Kelvin Yii.

Bukit Gasing has also done a similar initiative where residents just need to inform the branch two days before their vaccine appointment and they will be matched with a taxi driver.

A taxi driver with his elderly passenger heading to for a vaccine appointment in Bukit Gasing

In addition to helping taxi drivers earn their keep, many DAP elected reps also provided food aid and kitchen essentials for taxi drivers and their families

Pasir Bedamar Assemblyman, Terence Naidu hands packs food aid for distribution to taxi drivers

Medical Frontliners

We can’t possibly repay our frontliners for all they have done and are continuing to do for us during this pandemic, but we do what we can to express our gratitude.

Bukit Mertajam MP, Steven Sim rushed to action when a doctor requested his help to purchase respirators for the Bukit Mertajam Hospital.

The Sundström Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) will allow medical officers to safely enter the red zone to attend to Covid-19 patients. Each set costs approximately RM8, 200 and the hospital needs 6 sets, totaling RM49,200.00

Sdr Steven managed to get 2 sets of PAPR sponsored by Dato ‘ Lee Teong Li and the rest was paid for by the DAP Bukit Mertajam office.

“Frontliners have looked out for us, and now it’s time to look out for them” – Steven Sim

“I would also like to thank the Safetyware managing director Mr. Wong for providing the equipment at a discounted price and even donating PPEs to the hospital.” said Sim in his recent social media post.

Another issue facing frontliners is the rise in body temperatures after donning heavy PPE suits. Can you imagine how hot and stuffy these medical officers, nurses and doctors feel when the air-conditioning units are broken and can’t be fixed as CAC’s cannot be closed at any time for repairs? This is what Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh wanted to address this week.

These industrial sized fans will provide plenty of ventilation to ease some of the discomfort from wearing PPEs.

Hannah also hoped that Perikatan Nasional takes heed of this and many other issues facing our frontliners daily, and do what they can to help them.

Other DAP elected reps have provided warm meals to our frontliners at PPV centers during their lunch break

Laksa for lunch! Frontliners at Luyang Health Clinic was surprised by a visit from DAP Kota Kinabalu.

It’s lunch time! State Asssemblyperson for Ketari, Young Shefura brings lunch for officers and volunteers at PPV Bukit Tinggi, Bentong. The staff unanimously decided on McDonalds, and their request was fulfilled!


One of the most vulnerable communities during the pandemic are the OKU community who are not only more vulnerable to the effects of Covid-19 but also have difficulties getting to PPVs for their vaccine appointments

Among DAP’s elected reps who are involved in helping arrange transportation for the OKU community, is Dusun Tua Assemblyman Edry Faizal. In his “Neighbour’s help Neighbours” program, residents in his constituency signed up to take turns driving their neighbours with disabilities to get their vaccines.

This Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t stop us from doing good. Setting up this program has helped approximately 300 OKU residents from Dusun get vaccinated.

“We are extremely thankful for the volunteers and local community leaders who joined us to serve our community together” said Edry.

We hear so many heartbreaking stories during the pandemic, sometimes it feels like the troubles of the rakyat are insurmountable, especially when those in power are not doing all that can be done.

Take the story of a wonderful hard working family who used to sell nasi-lemak packets in Bagan Ajam to support themselves. Now, things are incredibly tough. The daughter Emilia is currently disabled after her leg was amputated due to diabetes. Her elderly mother is still in the hospital, and her elderly father has high blood pressure that needs to be constantly monitored. The family has no income coming in during the pandemic.

State assemblyman for Bagan Jermal Soon Lip Chee knew he had to do something to help them. Along with a friend, they have given the family financial aid and bought household items like milk, adult diapers, and kitchen groceries. They also donated a brand new wheelchair for Kak Emilia.

“I hope that this support will slightly improve the stress of their lives and make them feel better.” – Soon Lip Chee

Seputeh MP, Teresa Kok is also ensuring the OKU community is not left behind, starting with their vaccinations.

Working with volunteers, the DAP Seputeh office has helped many senior citizens with disabilities get to their vaccine appointments free of charge.

Teresa is known for her work with the disabled community in her constituency, trying her best to ensure that their needs are not overlooked during these difficult times.

Recently Teresa reached out to a disabled youth who unfortunately had his specialized wheelchair stolen from him. Teresa not only bought him a brand new wheelchair but also supplied the family with diapers and milk. Due to his condition, the 13-year-old is not able to eat solid foods.

Those who wish to assist the Latiff family with further monthly provisions of milk and diapers can contact the DAP Seputeh branch to find out more.

Those in Self-Quarantine

Individuals undergoing self-quarantine mode certainly have a hard time going out and getting food items. Damansara assemblyperson Jamaliah Jamaluddin has collaborated with Nasi Kukus Kg Segamat to feed 20 families with scrumptious packs of nasi kukus.

May the spirit of helping one another between food businesses and Bandar Utama residents continue throughout the fight against Covid-19.” – Jamaliah Jamaluddin

With the rising number of Covid-19 cases and the economic downturn, most food businesses are badly affected, it is heartwarming to see businesses like Nasi Kukus Kg Segamat still try to help out those affected during this pandemic.

Elsewhere in Johor, Paloh assemblyman Sheikh Omar has also been helping several families quarantined in his constituency.

It’s true that we may not have much, but whatever we have we will give” – Sheik Omar

Other DAP reps including Mary Joseph, the assemblyperson from Rahang has distributed food for Covid-19 positive patients who were quarantined at home.

Mary Josephine thanked the representatives of the KRT Rasah Tengah A for working with her and helping to sponsor warm meals which have been distributed to Kg Dato Mansor, Kg Chedang, Kg Semarak, Kg Pasir and Central KRT A and Rasah B.
Food distribution for quarantined patients in Puchong Utama

Puchong MP Gobindh Singh and Senator Suresh Singh have also been distributing food aid to self-quarantined Covid-19 patients in Puchong.

DAP would like to thank all volunteers and those who have been involved in helping our communities during the pandemic. Together, we can fight this!


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