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Covid-19 vaccine: Why has PN neglected the Malaysian judiciary?

Media statement by MP for Segambut, Hannah Yeoh on 24 May 2021:


Vaccination: What about the judiciary?


1. Our Malaysian judges and magistrates were not included in Phase 1 of the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme (NIP) and they are slowly being included in the current phase of vaccination. 

2. Pursuant to the Federal Constitution, the federal government adopts the principle of separation of powers and has three branches: executive, legislature and judiciary. The Executive and Legislative have both been vaccinated in Phase 1, leaving behind the Judiciary. The Legislative has been fully vaccinated yet Parliament remains closed. The Judiciary is left behind with courts in operations. All three branches ought to have been treated equally and fairly. Some judges are still waiting for an appointment while some have opted for AstraZeneca voluntary vaccination scheme. 

3. The Judiciary is a place for Malaysians to pursue justice and find relief. We need to ensure that access to justice is not hindered for the Malaysian public. As such, judges, magistrates and court staff need to be vaccinated quickly under Phase 2. They are our frontliners dispensing justice. We cannot allow the wheels of justice of this nation to stop running or be hindered in anyway, for justice delayed is justice denied. 

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