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Bubar already? (Part 3)

by Izmil Amri

Where are we going? Ask that question to a fellow Pakatan Rakyat supporter and you’ll most probably get ‘Putrajaya’ as a standard answer. However, that is not exactly the correct answer in this quest for political reform.

The quest for middle Malaysia is a quest for real stability, equality, justice, enlightenment and freedom from fear.

I need not tell you that it has been too long that we are trapped in the never ending game of UMNO politics, set up to ensure that those who matter to them remain in power forever in order to sustain their lifestyle and greed.

We are heading towards a reformed nation, without UMNO and the Barisan Nasional.

It is because of this objective that we’re setting that has made Najib Razak cling to whatever reason or excuse to stay in power, even to the extent of letting parliament dissolve by itself, without the guts to actually make a political move to show that he is in power and call for elections confidently.

Malaysians do not deserve such a Prime Minister. One who can’t debate openly, is constantly absent from parliament and avoids answering questions, always trying to sell himself as the glue that unites all races but condones the violence and extremism shown by ethnocentric groups; and one who can’t make up his mind and be brave enough to submit to the power of the people.

Democracy means paying the government to ensure we have a peace of mind when it comes to life, property, and self-worth. At the very least these three.

If your ‘employees’ have failed to carry out the duties entrusted to them, and even tries to delay the day they are thrown out of office; it doesn’t stand to reason that you, as the ones paying for their services to just sit around doing nothing.

Change is coming. You can hear it in the winds and feel it on your skin, and sense it in your veins every time you hear a political joke about BN. Even if I were to mention ‘cow’ and ‘condos’ you would be sniggering.

Tweet him. Ask Najib Razak what he is waiting for. #Bubarlah already. – The Rocket

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