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Bubar already? (Part 1)

By Izmil Amri

I read somewhere, most probably on Twitter, somebody lamented that ‘The only thing that’s dissolving is the sugar in my tea cup’. Or something to that effect. Perhaps stirring the sugar slowly, lazily, tired of waiting for the unknown.

Like a kid strapped to the backseat of family car, constantly asking the poor parent at the wheel, ‘Are we there yet?’ every half an hour. Or every other minute. This is perhaps how annoyed we are, and how terribly disappointed we are with the conduct of The-One-With-No-Actual-Mandate, Najib Razak.

Najib, unlike his predecessor, Pak Lah; came upon the comfy seat of Prime Minister without having to undergo the grueling battle of the general elections. What he had to do was merely secure his win in Pekan; which was not that hard owing to the fact that he had postal votes at his beck and call to rescue him from any impending loss.

Najib was not at the helm of Barisan Nasional when it lost five states to Pakatan Rakyat in March 2008. He didn’t have to brave the torrent of questions coming from the press, and more importantly the questions from his party people. Pak Lah did. And he did so poorly; which led to him resigning as Prime Minister and passing the baton to Rosmah Mansor’s husband.

March has now come to an end. More than five years since the last General Elections. People have grown tired of asking, ‘Dah bubar?’ and have resorted instead to literally begging Najib Razak to call for elections.

The Prime Minister should most probably pay a visit to Lembah Pantai, an area most favoured by his fellow minister, Dato Raja Nong Chik who will most probably stand against incumbent Nurul Izzah Anwar in the next as-yet-un-dated elections.

I live in that area. And let me tell you, those UMNO fellows in Lembah Pantai should really read the papers and take notice that parliament has not yet dissolved and the elections have not taken place.

At the main junction of Bangsar South, Barisan Nasional has set up a tent, of sorts; with two ‘cannons’ made up of cable drums and BN flags flanking the said tent, prepared for battle. Aiming right for a kopitiam outlet across the road. Heck, they even have houses, converted into operation rooms, ready to face the arsenal of Anwar Ibrahim’s daughter.

Flags are all over the place. Put up by Bangladeshis in exchange for a meal and a few extra ringgit to send home.

The flags have faded. The Bangladeshis have gone back to Bangladesh. Najib Razak has yet to announce the dissolution of Parliament. -The Rocket

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