Blogger admits ‘factual correction’

by Ngeh Koo Ham

The blogger who administers the website who previously defamed, Kelantan Menteri Besar (MB) Nik Aziz, former Perak MB Seri Mohd Nizar, Taiping MP Nga Kor Ming and myself through wild and baseless accusations, has partially heeded to the conditions outlined in my letter of demand, through posting an article of ‘factual correction’ titled;

Pembetulan Fakta Tanah Ngeh dan Nga Di Kelantan. – Pisau mendapati berlaku percanggahan fakta yang tidak tepat yang diperolehi dari sumber sebelum ini dan berasa bertanggungjawab untuk memperbetulkan demi kebenaran. 

The admittance by the blogger that his previous article being factually incorrect, is yet another piece of evidence that the allegations thrown at myself and my Pakatan Rakyat (PR) colleagues are nothing but cheap, irresponsible and repulsive political potshots. This also goes to show that my name is cleared of the previous accusations peddled by

I hereby urge all others who have defamed me to step forward and follow what has been done by, to clear my name and free PR from the various ridiculous, untrue and slanderous defamations.

Despite the website of being currently inaccessible, rendering the said article to be equally inaccessible, I appreciate the article as a response to my letter of demand. I can only assume that an interested third party whose interest is to continue hoodwinking the public is behind the locking down of

The abovementioned article also further confirms our previous stand that BN, Perak MB Zambry and his excos are at such dire desperation, to the extent that blatantly lying in the state assembly has become the only strategy they could come up with, to divert the public’s attention from the real scandals perpetrated by themselves.

I feel it important to reiterate some of the key reasons behind my sending of a letter of demand, and consideration to file a defamation suit against

As state Chairman of DAP Perak; one third of the three partied coalition of Perak’s government in waiting, any form of tarnishing of my name will negatively impact the people’s opinion of Perak PR as a whole.

My own personal integrity as a politician and individual, which has been built over the years through my service to the Perakian people and my contribution to our nation building agenda, is at stake if the likes of is allowed to continue their dissemination of falsehoods and blatant lies.

To safeguard the prospect of a real change for Perakians; to ensure the power of the Perakians is returned to the Perakians, and to restore democracy to our beloved silver state after BN’s unlawful power grab in 2009, I feel it essential is called to task to face the responsibility of it’s actions.

In my letter of demand to the administrator of, I stipulated that within seven days upon receipt of the said letter he shall –

(i) publish a full screen article in the Blog; and

(ii) make a public statement with prominence within the first 5 pages in ”Berita Harian”, “The New Straits Times”, “New Sunday Times”, “The Star” and “Sin Chew Daily” (“Newspapers”)

– wherein he shall –

(1) completely, unconditionally and irrevocably Withdraw the Article and/or Statements; and

(2) tender an unconditional apology to me;

He shall give me his written assurance and undertaking that he shall not repeat, publish and cause to be repeated and published in any form –

(i) the Article and/or Statements; and

(ii) any statement of similar meaning, nature and/or effect as that of the Article and/or Statements; and he shall pay to me a proper and suitable sum of damages for the injury to my reputation and loss which I have suffered and continue to suffer.

I welcome this first move to meet my demands yet, I must stress that the article on its own, is far from sufficient action for me to stop the defamation suit that I have planned to file. The above referred article is but one condition out of the several in which I have stipulated, and I believe nothing short of the full list of demands is sufficient to mitigate the damage his irresponsibility has caused.

As a Christian who is taught to forgive, I am now extending for one last time, an olive branch to and all others who have defamed me to right the wrongs that they have done, and to satisfy all that is listed in my letter of demand. It is clear to me, through the language of the above-referred article of correction, that he was likely to be misled by his sources and commissioners, much like most BN cybertroopers.

I hereby urge all others who have defamed me to step forward and follow what has been done by, to clear my name and free PR from the various ridiculous, untrue and slanderous defamations.

Though it doesn’t make his actions any less irresponsible, nor does it make his article any less damaging, it gives me hope that this misdirected soul may simply just be misled by his scheming BN masters.

I hereby stand firm on my demands, with a measure of humility in urging to reach out to my extended olive brand, and do what is needed as stipulated in my letter of demand and above. I urge him to do so for the sake of his own dignity, as well as for the Perakian people. The Perakian must no longer be oppressed by the wrongful rule of UMNO/BN as another article to prop up their lies and to cover up their sins, is another article denying the People of Perak of a fair, clean and just government.

Finally, I repeat my call in the state assembly, as well as press statements and conferences, for Zambry to answer the land scandals I exposed that started this debacle off in the first place.

What is there hiding in the BN political closet with the disputed land approvals to BN cronies that is so scandalous, that Zambry had to resort to defamation and disgracing the sanctity of the state assembly in order to cover up?  -The Rocket

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