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“Appointing PAS into the Sabah State Assembly is very concerning”, says Jannie Lasimbang.

The possibility of PAS being appointed into the Sabah State Assembly is of grave concern, even more so if that PAS representative may be appointed as Minister for the Ministry of Law and Native Affairs, says Jannie Lasimbang,

ADUN Kapayan and a member of the DAP Central Executive Committee (Native Affairs Council). Jannie was also the former assistant minister of Law and Native Affairs.

She said that PAS has clearly demonstrated that it is not open to other faiths, especially with the statements by MP for Pasir Putih, Nik Muhammad Zawawi Salled about the bible being distorted and his attitude towards Christians. PAS has always taken extremist views, and would be detrimental to all faiths, including muslims, christians, buddhist, taoist, hindu or indigenous beliefs.

The appointment of PAS into the DUN, and worst still in Cabinet, will spell the end of religious and ethnic harmony that people in Sabah have enjoyed and nurtured – Jannie Lasimbang

The possibility of the nominated PAS member to then be appointed as the Minister in charge of Native Affairs in Sabah could also mean natives of Sabah will be neglected as PAS is an ultra-Malay party that does not uphold nor respect cultural plurality.

Many important native cultural principles that the Ministry under the Warisan Plus government have worked to uphold and strengthen, and improvements on the Native Court systems are likely to be neglected as these are not in the interest of PAS. The efforts introduced and achieved in 26 months are far more relevant to Sabah than that of the National Culture Policy.

Jannie lamented “the appointment of PAS into the DUN, and worst still in Cabinet, will spell the end of religious and ethnic harmony that people in Sabah have enjoyed and nurtured. “

Even though the majority of the Dusun, Murut, Brunei Malays and Paitan may have voted for the Gabungan Rakyat Sabah, they do not deserve to be punished by allowing PAS into the DUN, and to lead the Ministry of Law and Native Affairs as speculated by some people.

She challenged KDM leaders in PBS and Star who were very vocal on Sabah rights issues to come out and make a strong stand against the proposed appointment of PAS in the state assembly.

PBS and Star have always rejected the kind politics that PAS represents, but now that they are in power they seem to have gone silent. “Surely they know that the people of Sabah are against this. Is their newly-wielded power and position more important than Sabah’s interest?” Jannie asked.

Referring to a tweet by Annuar Musa, Jannie said she completely supported the notion that more women should be appointed into the DUN since the only two women ADUN from the Gabungan Rakyat Sabah coalition were successful in PRN16, making it a mere 7 ADUN or less than 10% with the 5 ADUN coming from Warisan Plus.

Jannie Lasimbang

ADUN Kapayan and DAP Central Executive Committee Member

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