al Duktur Zahid and his Outlandish Statements.

By Mohd Ariff Sabri, MP for Raub

ZAHID HAMIDI the bestYesterday, once again Zahid Hamidi displayed his outlandish intellectualism which begs the question; did he really obtain a doctorate? Anyone can access the dissertation that he did as part of his doctoral degree with University Putra. It’s a mouthful title about the BN manifesto being used as news content by the vernacular press or something.

I am assuming that is only part of the coursework that he actually followed. As to the quality of the dissertation (if its part of a coursework and sitting for exam papers) or thesis which is an extended analysis without having to sit for other exam papers, its quality is for all to assess.

But yesterday when attributing Mah Siew Keong’s slim victory by a 238 majority to the fact that he warned the underworld in Teluk Intan of dire consequences, he has once again displayed a lack of intellectual decorum and finesse befitting of a holder of a PhD degree.

He was saying that he warned the gangsters in Teluk Intan, he know all their faces, he knows their activities, he knows about their gambling activities and all that stuff which begs the question- if he knows of these criminals and with that, presumably their criminal records, why doesn’t  Zahid order the police to arrest these people and place them under the new prevention of crime acts or something?

Otherwise, if he lets them free, on account of them abstaining from activities that would otherwise result in the defeat of Mah Siew Keong, then our dear home minister can be accused of conspiracy with criminal elements or even worse, having made some ‘buka table’ with the criminal elements. As a person responsible for our home security this is most irresponsible. The underworld can regard Zahid as the highest Heavenly King then.

The other serious implication is that the opposition parties have all this time been aided in their victories by criminal elements. Zahid, trained as a doctoral student is claiming that criminal elements have hitherto been helping opposition parties and candidates win elections.

Opposition parties have won precisely because people find BN and its policies revolting, bright promises but dismal performance. People voted opposition because BN people are arrogant and perceived to be corrupt.

The reverse is probably true. The ones employing criminal elements to intimidate and scare voters away making sure victories or defeats go a particular way are the BN people.

But we are sure BN people; being honourable people and politicians do not resort to hiring criminal elements to secure victories.

The real explanation is, in any contests, elections, by-elections, groups either criminal or not criminal, set up betting rackets to make money. The Home Minister if he has actual or imputed knowledge about these illegal gambling or criminal intimidation should have these people arrested.

Otherwise, Zahid Hamidi as home minister is consorting and cavorting with the underworld to ensure BN gets election victories. That is utterly disgusting.

Zahid’s typical hubris (pronounced hewbris) was evident in parliament yesterday, when he spoke staring at the opposition members with his eyes squinting while making the outlandish statements. To the armchair psycho analysts, that kind of body language reinforced by squinting eyes may in fact indicate lying.

*This article was first published in sakmongkol.blogspot.com

 *The views expressed in this article are the personal opinion of the author 

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